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assalaualikum all my muslim brothers and sister. i am in trouble please help me out. i am a muslim and offer five time prayer and sometimes tahajud also.i am married since 4yrs and have two children. since my marriage i mostly saw my husband talking to girls on phone,when i ask him he always ignored me by saying that i am suspicion. but time came when i saw him with a lady with whom he went to her house at 2am. i caught him on spot after that also he said that he is not wrong he never did wrong with her, he is just helping that lady, she is having some prob with her husband.that time the whole issue came in front of everybody. my husband in turn blamed me that i always trouble him by my suspicious nature and also said that i blame him of being impotent. the thing that was between we two he exposed that in front of everyone. oo god i am having two kids how come i blame him like this. the truth was that since a long time he was having problem while having sex, that's why i told him that we should consult a doc.his parents also supportted their son and blamed me. after a long 4 months i began to live with him again only for my kids.but still he was not accepting that he had done zinnah. but now before 4days after lot of prayers my god showed me his every truth, he is still committing zinnah with the same lady. when i asked him about all this his reaction was same as before that i am troubling him without any reason.but, when i showed him the proof there was no answer, he remained mum.and now he is seeking forgiveness from me and begging not to disclose this again. he is promising that he will never commit this sin again. i don't know what to do, should i tell that lady's husband about all this, should i disclose all this to my parents,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,please help me out.

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i would leave him right at that point he should ask forgivness from allah not you you i dont know about you put this will cripple my mental state and anyone who hurt me so much dosent deserve you do not stay with him show him that people that disobey thier lord end up in tight situations and lose the respect of others aound him this will be better for him, a lesson to learn from, not a chance to abuse you again.

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From a person whose husband cheated on her, let me tell you, he will do it again. Not right away. Once you take him back, it'll be real nice for a while. He'll be really sweet to you and help you out and you'll feel like you fell in love with him all over again. But after a few months or a year, he'll do it again. My husband did...3 times!!! He put me on an emotional rollercoaster. I did discuss my issues with my parents and his! My father in law believed me and was ashamed of his husband but in all honesty, what are they going to do at the end of the day? Force him to zip his pants??? I would definitely tell your family. They need to know. I'm not sure about telling that lady's husband though. Ask a sheikh. It's been 10 years for me and my husband now and he hasn't cheated but he's doing other things and well, I'm ready for a divorce...Hope all turns out well for you habibti.

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From experience, let me tell you...he will do it again. Not right away. The first few months he'll be really nice to you because he wants you to forgive him. But once problems start again and he cant handle it, he'll do it again. I would definitely tell your parents. I think they need to know. But at the end of the day, what are his parents or yours going to do? Are they going to force him to zip his pants??? When mine did it to me, I told his family and mine and his dad was disgusted by his son but it didn't stop my husband from doing it 2 more times within 3 years! And I was pregnant each time he decided to do that. I would ask a sheikh if you should tell her husband. I hope all goes well for you habibti. It's been 10 years for me and my husband now and although he's not cheating anymore, he's doing other things and I think I'm ready for a divorce. And I have kids too.

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Salam sister you have to think about your self belive me he will do it again once a cheater always a cheater you can forgive him but you can't forget how many times he lied to you and cheated on you! Do you think if yo cheated on him he would forgive you and keep you close never!!!! He would tell you to leave but of you keep giving him chances he will keep using you Dear sister you need to have courage and hope You can email me if you need to talk I'm here If u need help or need someone to talk to email me

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Its not easy to leave when you have kids

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Its up to you sister to forgive him or not. If you choose not his punishment is stone to death, and he can not force you to forgive him because forgiveness is from heart. If you don't forgive him from heart he will pay either in this world or hereafter.

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if you are muslim , you are supposed to leave him because he is a munafiq (liar muslim), pick the children too. if you told the truth.. decide yourself if he is muslim or munafiq or mushriq by knowladge of quran.

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