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Two days back, an video was posted on the facebook, about a man calling Azhaan in the church, in CA. USA, and there were some priest standing and people came for the mass(christian prayer) were sitting.So Sir, my question is, is it appropriate to rate the video with comments like Masha Allah, Subhanallah...etc. Your comments on this please sir. Zazakala Khair.

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I think the part that people are finding astounding is that islam is everywhere even in the christian churches they like to see how the message is spreding, the athan should be called anywhere when its the time of prayer even if it is in a church they probably like how the people are being called to prayer by the right call and its just a way to demontrate to the christians i have heard many stories of converts recverting because the sound of athan relaxed them and gave them the best of feelings- of course after further study of islam, but the point is even the simple athan can be used as da'wah and that is the part people are saying subahanallah and MASHA ALLAH its the act of the man and the athan not the part that they are praying in church

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