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I said the shahada yesterday. For most of my life, I've considered myself an atheist, but I've always been searching. Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, I've read as much about cosmology and physics, the beginning and end of the Universe as I could. These questions that science seeks to answere, where do we come from, where are we going, are the same ones that religion strives to provide answers for. I believe they are striving towards the same goal. That there are many parallel paths that lead to the knowledge and recognition of one, undivided spirit.

The case of Tarek Mehanna is what inspired me to take the jump. I've been reading and researching as many different holy scriptures as I can, and none spoke to me like the Qur'an. Its beauty, the way it flows, its uplifting progressive message, scientific literacy, talking of an atom's weight in the 6th century is no mean feat.

So this is not really a question, just an introduction.

My name is Zackary. It means God Has Remembered.

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Salaam, and welcome to Islam, brother.

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You are welcome to Islam my brother AL HAMDULILLAH Allah has guid u to the true religion.

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mabrook (congratulation)

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God bless u. Welcome ^_^. We are very glad. Hope you will find every thing easy. May Allah strenthen your faith.

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welcome to islam, let me introduce myself I was born and raised a muslim in california and went to palestine studeied for 4 years and came back, somtimes It felt weird being different then others and i wanted to fit but then one day i thought we should all be muslims, so shouldent the others feel weird around me, and attempt to be like me? i wore the abbaya that day never felt better and i always think that now and am confortable being an american muslim my name is nesreen, its not religous not even arabic i always get mad when i think why would they name me that my sisters have names like tasneem and fatima- a river in janna and the prophets daughter, then me, the essence of flower in the persian language, sorry it got off topic,- ASSalamu alleka wa rahmat allah- and may allah guide you to te right path!

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moshaALLAH,i'm happy with you my brother and i welcome you to the right path of eternal succes, salamualaika warahmatullahi wabarakatu,i'm idris from nigeria

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Salam Welcome to this PERFECT DEEN brother! you are on the right path!! since you are a convert I believed (if not mistaken) that at the very moment you uttered the shahada you are purified of your previous sins!! :D Keep on!!

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Thank you for the love and kind words, every one of you!

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why is a 2 year-old question coming back around?

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