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I am from kerala , india . I would like to ask that my father and mother are muslim . But father is a mujahid and mother is a sunni . I would like to know more about islam.

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well the basic five pillars are: 1-shahada 2-salat 3-hajj 4-sawm 5-zakat the basic principle of islam is as we say every day "there is no god but allah, and muhammad is his messenger"

we belive that god sent every nation a prophet to help guide them to the right path every prophet came with the same message, to worship no one but god and you will be rewarded with paradise

some prophets came with a message in the form of a book, this is why we cal them messangers and those books are the torrah injil quran zaboor and suhuf

but sadley over the years after a book would be sent down people would ignore the message or change the message so it can be flexable to their lifestyle.

this is when prophet muhammad saaws was sent down to be the final prophet and messanger and brought a book that wouldstay untill the day of ressurection, the quran, even after 14000 years it hasent even been changed once, we recite the same verses that the prophet muhammad did. we also got the sunnah from prophet muhammad its the example he has left for us it varies from jow he prayed to how he talked to basic ettiquette and manners this shows peopel how to be a good and ideal muslim he also talked about what allah likes and what he dosent like by giving us perfect examples. and by folwoing these examples one can become a perfect muslim.

we also have to belive some things to be a muslim like the day of judgment, the books allah sent, angels, hellfire, paradse, jinn, allah, and his prophets.

we belive the quran was our final message and the quran and sunnah can guide us through our lives

once a person belives all this and folows all this they are a muslim and they are gurenteed paradise, so i invite you to explore islam its a truley beautiful religion and way of life

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