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Brothers and sisters, please tell me how we can repent in Islam. How do we repent for shirk? (shirk thoughts, shirk actions, and/or thing we say that are shirk) How do we repent for major shirk? How do we repent for minor shirk? How do we repent for major sins?

Please answer my questions.

Thank you brothers and sisters.

Allah Hafez.

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You must pray for Allah's forgiveness, for Allah is al Rahman al Raheem, the most gracious and the most merciful. During prayer, sajad, your head to the floor for Allah, cry to repent, fear the hell fire that you will be given for shirk. Allah will forgive you because no one is more merciful than the Almighty one true god. It's is said even if your sins are mountains compared to your deeds, just repent and you will be forgiven, even if you go back to your bad ways and gain those sins back, just repent towards your creator and you'll be forgiven and granted a place in paradise. Make dua. Allah guide us all Ameen?

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