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Asalam alikum warahmatula wabarakato brothers and sisters. I sometimes wake up having wet dreams, and as soon as I get up I had founded that I've become nijis (impure). I go right away to the shower to make ghusl (shower). I am wondering if there are types of ghusls? Someone had said there are two types, one from the sunnah where you must follow a process of shower and wudut, and one normal ghusl where you cover your entire body with water including your mouth, ears, nose, and hair. Which one is acceptable? I had also noticed that once I made ghusl I am still leaking a fluid from my private part? I do not know what that is, I'm shocked about this, I don't even mean anything. Am I still impure after this shower? Should I do it again? Thanks a lot bothers and sisters.

Salam Brother,

Sheikh Sa`d al-Shuwayrikh has said:

If a person has a sexual emmission after a wet dream, he has to perform ghusl.

If a person has what seems to be a wet dream, but upon waking he does not see any trace of it on his clothes or his body, then he does not have to perform ghusl.

`A’ishah said: “Someone asked the Prophet (peace be upon him) about a man seeing himself discharging in his dream though he does not feel wet.”

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “He does not have to bathe.”

In this hadîth, the Prophet (peace be upon him) made it clear that ghusl is only obligatory upon seeing the liquid. Therefore, if a person has what seems to be a wet dream, but upon waking finds nothing, then he does not have to bathe.

Whatever comes out after urination does not take a special ruling. It is at worst merely some impurity. It does not obligate a person to perform ghusl, since the liquid which obligates a person to do so is the one which discharges on sexual climax. It is related in the Sunan: “…if it discharges by forceful ejaculation”.

My Comment: This final paragraph would seem to suggest that fluid leaking from your private part after ghusl does not require you to do ghusl a second time. The reason being that this liquid is not ‘discharged by forceful ejaculation’.

Sheikh `Abd Allah b. Sardâr has said:

A ghusl must be performed by any person after completing the monthly period, after ejaculation, or after sexual intercourse. It is preferable but not compulsory to perform ghusl in the manner that the Prophet (peace be upon him) performed ghusl.

In brief, as extracted from Sahîh al-Bukhârî and Sahîh Muslim: wash the hands, then the private parts with the left hand, then wash the head while passing water through all the hair, then wash the body starting with the right side and then the left.

When you perform ghusl, you should start with your private parts. Then you should wash the rest of your body taking care not to touch the private parts. If you do it in this manner, you will not need to perform a separate wudû’.

If, however, you touch your private parts or break wind during the ghusl, you can continue with your ghusl and it will still be valid. However, you will need to perform a separate wudû’.

The minimum that is obligatory for ghusl to be valid is to have the intention for ghusl and make sure that pure water reaches every part of your body.

And Allah knows best.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot brother, you're the best. I appreciate your properly worded answer. Thanks very much again.

(May 21 at 15:32) Muhammad noor qutawna Muhammad%20noor%20qutawna's gravatar image

You're very welcome, brother.

(May 21 at 15:56) Paulus Paulus's gravatar image

Yes because I'll wash my face and mouth with the toilet water, you friend are a literal genius. @sulex007

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when performing wudu during janaba is the wudu valid since you are naked and secondly toilet is not a good place to perform wudu.

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