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I love a girl and I want to marry her. But she did zina with her ex boyfriend. Now, she is guilty and ask Allah’s forgiveness. So should I go with her and how she can get forgiveness from Allah & how I can help her.

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How much does she practice Islam now?

(May 22 at 12:12) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image

She is guilty now....and asking forgiveness from Allah. She ware hijab and pray 5 times a day.... As she said, first she was forced by her ex to do physical relation. It’s happend just after her dad passed away. So she was so upset. But after that she was trapped so many times to do this. But two times, she gave full support to her ex-boyfriend. Now she realise. And this realisation came to her mind after she talked to me. I cleared her everything. That’s why she likes me. I like her because she told me the truth and ask help to come back to the right way. I trust her and love her.

(May 22 at 13:48) Rafin Iftekhar Rafin%20Iftekhar's gravatar image

The zina is haram and big haram to But (The one he com back from haram like he did,t do it) But she have to be realy regred and realy asking forgiveness from allah... Allah raheem he forgive eney one he make haram ..jest have to talk to allah by open heart and do not do it again Sorry for bad english

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