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A question from a Muslim brother.

Aslaam o Alaikum

This brother is struggling throughout his life and trying his best to be a better Muslim. He has been doing Masturbation for the last couple years and at that time, he didn't know that it was haram in Islam. Without taking shower, he has been praying in the state of janaba but in wudu- which he knows that it's not valid. When he came to know that Masturbation is Haram, he isn't fully addicted to it but still does it once in a while. Now he is worried that all of those years he has been praying have gone invalid and useless. Does he have to make up all those years? According to that brother, he has been masturbating for almost 5 years or so. He didn't masturbate everyday but probably 3-4 days a week. How can he make up for those prayers which have gone invalid due to in the state of impurity? He doesn't exactly know how many of his prayers have gone invalid but just wants to make up for those prayers.


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