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Asalam alikum brothers and sisters. I have a fast question asking if fasting can help people lose body fat to live a better and more healthy life. According to science or even Islam Id there's anything to do about health please some one answer. I heard something called intermittent fasting, this seems to be better for people to lose fat than normal dieting. If this is true please tell me. People say fasting is bad and makes the body go into starvation mode and makes people more fat, that's why I lose 25 lbs of body fat during Ramadan. Thanks a lot

Yes it,s helpfull Not jest losssing whight but it's make your helth better starting from your body and your hart ,blood cyrcle,blood pressor,and the bigest prise is that allah goin to give you more (ajor)inshallah,, And the best days for fasting (monday,,,,thursday)

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Thanks very much abowaleed, Allah bring you and all of us in the ummah a great blessing.

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I'did't do eney are my brother in dutey t help my brothers and sisters "Sorry for my bad english"

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