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I married last year, 2011, with my loved one, and she loves me too. Recently, I found her E-mail box is open. I took a glance, then I found there are so many letters had sent to only one E-mail address. This appealed my curiosity, and then I begin to read them.

Those letters were written during 2006 to 12/2009. I acquaint with her from 04/2009.

According to these letters, during those time she fall in love with a married man, who is a director of a company, and they had sexual relationship. In letter, the man said he loves her and promised will marry with her, and she also indicated that she loves him so much. Finally, after two years relationship, the man proposed break up their relationship. Then finish.

After, reading these letters I am very depressed and disappointed. I have questioned the moral purity of my wife. Meanwhile, I also told to myself that maybe the man have cheated her and maybe she really loved him. If she really loved and it was a real love, maybe I should have forgive her.

In her explanation: she said that this is the most and only one stupid thing she ever did. She did not told me that before just because of she ashamed it and she felt it is really bad. She said she loves me, she is honest to me, she never lies me.

Should I forgive her?

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Salam I am only a student my dear brother but I know that God's forgiveness is limitless !! Since God is the all-forgiving one and the fact that she is honest and sincere I believe you should forgive her. Let God almighty judge her for her past action! You are in good relationship with her (so dont let shaytan ruin your life by showing you these emails). Let her repent for her actions! Allah knows best!

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Thanks Hizmet

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Your welcome kardeshim!

(Apr 20 '12 at 00:00) Hizmet_emigrant Hizmet_emigrant's gravatar image

yes as far as she has been honest to you. you should give her a chance and you said that the messages were till 12/2009. so why remove this topic unnecessarily? faith is the key to one relationship so have trust on her. and inshallah everything will be all right.

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Forgive her when you became man and wife your past sins were forgiven she should have abandoned the correspondence scold her gently then move on with your marriage shaitan is pleased with every broken home so dont fall for that trap may Allah be pleased with you in your actions.

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Assalam a'likum. As brothe has said. Allah may forgive her if she really feel regret. But as amuslim, she must have been bunished in the islamically way because she made sex before marriage. Then Allah may really forgive her. Wa Allah a3lam

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