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What I'm trying to say is she knows what she was doing is haram and she has stopped but she is not sure of to do to do ghusl since the last time she masturbated was during her period.she does not know whether to do ghusl for her period or ghusl for her masturbation.what she is trying to ask me is whether she should do both ghusl or either one of the ghusl.please help her.should she do both ghusl or the ghusl meant for her period only or the ghusl meant for the masturbation or both?if yes to both which should she do first?

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My dear sister, in ghusl - water reaches all part of the body and purifies / cleanses us. It removes -all- impurities. So if a girl does ONE ghusl, that is enough. She does not need to do it twice for both. Hope that is clear.

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