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This idea really confuses me and I would like to know more about it in the light of Islam. Adoption is indeed a very beautiful act since you're giving a poor orphan (with no fault of their own) a happy, justful and stable life to live - in terms of love, family, happiness, wealth and education. Even in Islam, it has been narrated by our Holy Prophet Muhammed (SAW) that one who adopts for the right intentions would be close with me in Jannah like our two fingers are (index and middle finger). So why is this act frowned upon and looked down in today's culture and society? People sometimes consider adoption only if they cannot produce children of their own (last resort). Also, telling someone a kid has been adopted causes issues in many households as the family may not accept the child and many other worse cases have resulted due to adoption. I am aware Allah ordered to have biological children, but along with that adoption is considered a great deed in Islam. Correct me if I am wrong, but our beloved Prophet Muhammed (SAW) was adopted too? So why is adopting a child with the neik and righteous intentions looked down on or even should considered a last resort?

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There is a difference between sponsoring an orphan (aka fostering) where you simply take of them.. and 'adoption' as it is known today. In adoption, you raise the child as if it is your own (give it your name, same rights as biological children, etc) and this is very wrong according to Islam.. it is deception and injustice. A child should be named after his real, biological father (and know his origin/ancestry) and also does not inherit like the true, biological children do.

Anyway, yes. Islam says that taking care of an orphan is a very good and rewarding deed. But people nowadays, they may have many reasons for not doing that. Some may not be able to afford it financially, etc. But many people nowadays, are very 'superficial.' We do what is necessary but don't go beyond that (to doing the superior deeds). As for it being looked 'down upon' .. not by Believers. They see it for what it is, a noble deed.

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Okay fair enough,agreed to the point where it is compulsory for the adopted child to be given their biological fathers name & should know of them being adopted, origin and ancestors. However, if a family is financially stable to provide a loving home for an orphan, should they not act on it with the right intentions? If the parent are ready to treat all children in the same manner and equally, should adoption not be rewarded rather than frowned upon? Like 'what would other people think' etc.. that is not a valid excuse to give up a life of stability to a deserving orphan.&Is fostering better?

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You can provide the orphan with a stable and loving environment and raise them in the same manner as other children (spend on them, teach them, be kind to them, etc).. but you can not treat them the same when it comes to things like inheritance, hijab (girls still need to wear hijab in presence of non-mahram, etc). Rules of Islam still apply.

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I have read many situations where it suggest that if an adopted son has drank the woman's milk,he is then a mehram to her. Otherwise, the mother along with any daughters would have to cover up in front of their adopted brother/son as he is still considered non-mehram if he was adopted at an older age & didn't drink the mothers milk - in which case hijab is compulsory. But taking these matter into consideration and performing accordingly, adoption should still be regarded as a good and great deed - not something to look down upon and despise.

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