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Assalaamu Aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

This in regard to the following case: They got divorced because of his many haram actions, and he continued with these actions now. What if he suddenly pretends to stop doing all of that when she gets remarried, in order for her to lose custody? He won't take care of the child himself, but let's his family do it if he would get custody. He is not capable and he is always out (not for work though). He didn't take much care of the child/ his wife when the child was first born, for example he want partying in cities hundreds of kilometres away, leaving his wife that was sick to take care of the newborn without even providing her with food. He THINKS he takes good care though. He doesn't pay child support because he cannot afford it, but what if when she gets remarried he suddenly can? Is it enough for him to pay back the child support he owed, which obviously doesn't make up for the hardship she faced when he was not paying? They live in two different countries and it is almost impossible for both of them to go to the other country? If the father gets custody, and thus the mother won't be able to see the child, how can this relate to the hadith that places the mother first three times? He has also said he would do things as smoke weed with his child when he is older, but obviously we cannot say now he will actually do this in years' time?

Obviously in above case there has been a lot of mistakes made by both parties in the marriage, and this is from the side of the wife.

Her choice is to get remarried is to give her child and herself a good Islamic male example, maybe brothers and sisters, and financial stability (she cannot come by now, her ex-husband left her with much debts, he didn't provide for her in the marriage either) in shaa Allah as her ex-husband doesn't provide these. He also threatened her multiple times, without the issue of remarriage even coming up (he doesn't know she is thinking about it).

I hope In shaa Allah someone can provide me with an answer built on saheeh hadith.

Jazak Allah Khair,

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