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Salam brothers and sisters!! I have been wondering about this for a long period of time!

My parents are Muslims Alhamdulillah. Unfortunately, almost all of my cousins from my mother side are Christians! We lived with them for 7-8 years I guess. During my childhood days they have been trying to brain-washed me and my siblings about Christianity, they were trying to influenced and convinced us that our prophet Isa (pbuh) is the God. The problem is this:

When I was at the age of 5 I am on the verge of believing that Christ was God but I did not give in (luckily). The most stupid thing I have done is that as a child I imagined and created the image of God in my head to protect myself from the influence of Christianity. I KNOW IT IS A SHIRK TO ASSOCIATE PARTNERS WITH GOD. but, in my situation it was different I am a devout Muslim and I never had any doubts about my religion. I did not associate partners with God. today I am 18 yrs old and sometimes when I pray that image Ive pictured when i was a child shows itself. WHAT CAN YOU SAY ABOUT THIS?

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We know that we can't ever imagine Allah. When we imagine the most beautiful image in our mind, always Allah be more. Allah created our brains with limits that we can't imagine how our God is...... We know that Allah has face, hand, eye but not like ours. And Allah told us in a hadith to think of his blesses so that, we will be happy and rewarded and he told us not to think how does he look like or we will be harmed "تفكروا في آلائي فتنعموا ولا تفكروا في شكلي فتهلكوا‏"‏‎ ‎ i think this is the hadith...... To conclude, u can imagine Allah as a bright light so that, it may be right as Allah is the light but you mustn't imagine details and shape..... Wa Allah a3lam

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Salam! It was during my childhood! around 6 yrs old! the problem is i dont believe about the picture in my head but it keeps on coming in! I know that we can never picture God in our head. One of the Caliphs also said that what ever you picture in your head as God is not Him! so how can I remove that picture out of my head?

Thank you by the way!

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i was listining to a lecture about this! it was taliking about people who make their children do haram stuff or if somone is mature and tells a kid to do somthing haram the sheik was saying how the child will not recive any bad deeds but the person who made the child do it will and a child is not accounted for his or her sins unless at the age of ten they dont pray and everything else starts at the age of puberty

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I have known that sister! but the problem is that I am 18 now and that image keeps on coming! I dont believe it of course because i know that we can never picture God as someone or something in our head~!

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May Allah reward you and protect you because what you did at that young age is something that is miracle and a steadfastness from Allah and you should praise Allah for still been a Muslim, and what you have imagined was for your protection for the sake of your religion and that you did what you could have done at that time of been so young and at the time you did this was the time that the pen was lifted from you and your book of deeds was clean and Allah says, [He to whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth and who has not taken a son and has not had a partner in dominion and has created each thing and determined it with [precise] determination] [26 v2]

As for that image coming back it is none other then Shaitan who want to distract you from your Salah, so the cure for this is that the Prophet [saw] have said when you get this whispering in your Salah seek refuge in Allah and lightly spit three times on your left and shaitan will run away and not to return. Therefore, whenever you get this image or any other thoughts seek refuge with Allah and lightly spit three times on your left and it will stop Insha'Allah.

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I am in complete agreement with you my brother~ thanks!!

I was just afraid that every time that picture comes into my mind!!! I AM Committing shirk, which is the greatest sin of all!!

Tnx for clarifying this for me!!

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If for what ever reason the Shaitin tries to stray u, the best thing to do is remember it is God created the Universe and heavens Alone, God is not Like us because Humans (we r a creation) have the need to have children, God doesn't because we are all his creation, we all love him and try to show through prayer and fasting and not doing wrong things, reading the Quran to remember how Powerful God is, he does not need a child or partners, especially after he had done all the hard parts alone. We r a creation Like I said we can not comprehend God, we have beginnings and ends, and God is everlasting. God is great and look around everything is in a perfect order, how can anyone deny the power of God. humans even with most advanced technology can not even come close, and they say it was an Atom that started this universe, well where did this Atom come from? how did the universe come in such a perfect order and balance? how is it we can't make any living thing yet if they think a major explosion did this alone? if we were Monkeys why is there still monkeys? if some animal evolved itself, why did it pass down to it's children? because for example if I dye my hair blonde and get plastic surgery will my children have my before feature or after LOL? Yes, as Muslims we believe in Science but God had put this altogether, unlike other religion we don't have a clue how old the earth? and God explains many things about his creation to help us understand the order of life, like God say's in the Quran he had made and expulsion that expands but, to create this universe, it was God who organized everything, i can go on so here's a link, who would know this only the creator. soooo many reasons to believe the all mighty God, Allah is the best and if you keep thinking that those images looked like Jesus remember he was not that image this was an image they created to have that as a focus for prayer an idol, and he did not look like that in the Hadieth we have a different characteristics and features, plus he lived in the middle east he must have had a tan?? remember those images are false and look around and look at the nature to be amazed at he creation we don't need his image (I know he is great, like nothing we have ever seen)and say a3uthu bil Allah and read more Quran or listen, God WILL help u

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