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My friend asked me a very good question, which unfortunately I didn't know the answer to, he asked me "Why in Islam, you don't know how many laws you have?" PLEASE HELP!

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Well no one could answer this question bcz it is not the question which makes sense at all whatsoever. Islam is a complete way of life. It means it has all the laws needed.

I think ur Freind is not a wiseman as no wiseman would ask this type of question. It's like u asking how many laws are there in British or American constitution.


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In the UK.....just two:

  1. Don't do as I do

  2. Do as I tell you

(May 26 at 09:22) Paulus Paulus's gravatar image

lol thanks m8!

(May 26 at 12:26) CrRonaldo97 CrRonaldo97's gravatar image
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