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My Question is regarding finance. It's a long story and it goes as follows. I live in US with my family. I worked part time in a local grocery store a while ago. Almost two years back, I used to wear glasses then I was suggested by one of my friends to have a lasik eye surgery so I wouldn't need glasses. I had my surgery and payment was $3500 which I financed for 2 years. Since I was working well, I bought a hearing aid for my father for one ear only for $1500. At that time, I was able to pay off for both my eyes surgery and my dad's hearing aid. Then about 6 months ago, I lost my job and started paying the minimum money which I had to borrowed from my brothers and college money savings. Then about 3 months ago, I found another job which was much better in wages than the previous one. With that job, I would've been able to pay off all that amount I owed before the promotions end so I wouldn't be charged for the interest(riba). Because for such good job, I bought furniture for my mother's room, again financing the amount of $1500. I bought it because I could've afford the furniture and pay off everything before the promotion end with that current job. Unfortunately, I lost that job as well right next day, the day I purchased the furniture. Now, here is the question I want to ask. I never intended to pay riba for any of the these things I financed. If I hadn't lost my job, I would have been able to pay off all that money within the promotion time. Now I am jobless for past few months and its conformed that I would not be able to pay off all the amount I owe before the promotion expires. I would surely be charged the amount of Interest which I had never intended. Would I be still be sinful because of the Riba I would pay even though I never had intentions of paying interest. I know its a major sin and it really upsets me whenever I think about the paying interest and punishment in hereafter. Would I be punished for paying the interest.

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Not sure what you mean by 'promotion'..

..but in general, if there is an arrangement which involves interest but you think you can pay before the time when interest starts to be charged, it is still not right for you to enter into that arrangement. You never know, and this is exactly what happened to you - circumstances were so that you could not avoid it. This is why we stay away from such interest-associated things from the beginning.

You may be punished if you don't repent. So repent (Allah سبحانه و تعالى forgives all sins) and do not put yourself into this situation again.

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Promotion is the time span in which money has to be paid in order to avoid interest. If money isn't paid before that promotion end, company will start charging interest into the payments. In my case, my eye surgery cost me $3500 for 2 years. This promotion of two years ends in November of this year and I have yet to pay $800 and other amounts for the hearing aid and furniture promotions end next year I believe.

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