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recently my good friend peter ewart gave me a book by abbe faria and 2 work colleagues gave me a book on the 12th imam in return I gave peter a complete Leonardo and a complete plato also reading Hassan of basra

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It's books of shia and we all know that is the shiaa is wrong ... They make stuff not from islam and out of the quran and hadith sharif.... ...don,t folo shia from iran or iraq and don't folo sufiah from eigpt or sudan....folo sunah people from makkah saudi arabia...they holden the orginal islam not the bad copy and changed verson of islam.. Take this advice from one who try it all...and i know wich the good and the bad.... Allah yahdikom and light you way to the jannh...aaamiiiin..

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does that mean we don't trust people like idries shah and sheikh muzaffer who have left their footprints in wrong fields like awwaliiya and taqdir wahdat al wujuud forbidden suufiyya like Charles williams

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