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I did istikhara before i got married and i saw in dream green and that i my brother and father were marrying me to that person. So i married the person i did the istikhara for and spent 3 years of misery because he was not what i thought he was. Why would the istikhara show something that was not right for me. My brother and husband had a huge fight yesterday.last night after tahajjud i did Istikhara as to whether i should divorce or stay in this miserable life. I had dream that my brother had come to collect me and then i saw my husband sleeping and i asked him whether i should go or not and he kised my forehead.It was wierd i saw his lips were on his forehead. I dont know how to intrepret that dream.

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To be honest with you, my experience shows is just waste of time and inaccurate. It's actually based on your thoughts.

Isthikara = mixture of your point of thoughts and events happened in few weeks time.

So according to me it's nothing more than a belief.

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Istikhara is a prayer seeking guidance from Allah سبحانه و تعالى when faced with two different paths/choices. You do not necessarily get "signs" (answers through dreams, good feelings, etc) after doing Istikhara. It is enough to pray it and leave the rest to Allah سبحانه و تعالى.. trusting Him to direct you to whatever path is good for you. If e.g one option is made easier than the other, then go with that.

But as for your marriage, follow Islamic principles. Muslims try to save and preserve their marriages as much as possible, and work out things with their spouses. Unless you really are unable to bear being in the marriage, it is in the best interests of everyone involved to try and mend things. We do not jump to divorce (it is permitted but not recommended). You have the option of getting respected Muslim elders to speak to your husband and try to advise him.

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