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if a person has had problems with a friend for a long period of time and he then performs istikhara and gets a signal for leaving that friend, should they leave him/her? what my question is that Allah always tells us to give others a chance and to never give up on others and to not severe ties with our brothers and to never break relations so in this scenario what would be the right thing to do?

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Salam alikom...

If that friend is bad persone the yes cut it....

If he is good friend and good muslim you have to make istikharah 2timse to make sure it's not jest adream....

Last thing:listen to yor haret in every thing...allah tell the muslim what the wrong and what the call..(fittrah). Listen to your heart..not the voices in your head.....

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What do you mean twice time? Na auozibillah u saying Allah can make a mistake in the first one.

I had a Freind whom I had problems with. So I left him for some time but now he's na best Freind

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Auozobillah .... I'din't mean the....

Some times the shitan come to you in your dream and tell you to do bad stuff and he going to make you bleave that is from allah when it's not...and we know that is al shitan he can't repeat the same dream....that why i told you to make istikhara 2 time....

Allah subhanah wataala can lead you by istikhara to the best choices not jest one time ...meney times like he want..... But alshitan he cant make him self com to your dream meney times...

Astaghfirollah for me if i make you fall in thanb...and for you when you write bad anser .... Do not write eney uncomplete action for he make mistake....or he cant....or eney thing like these

iknow you did't mean it but you dont have to write it eney way.....

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Brother did you perform istikhara before leaving him or did you leave him just like that?

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