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I have a member in the family( who is my sister) she has hasad and envy inside her towards me. It happened before that I was affected by her evil eye, we were both going together to the university and she had pain in her leg, I don't remember if it was in the same day or the day after it I had pain in the same leg as her and in the same part exactly as well, without any reason, I didn't walk or do any effort at that time. I read Quran and put my hand on the pain. Also I prayed and made duaa that God protect me from hasad. The day after the pain was completely gone. Many situations like this happen, not just physical pain, but also other things. She is truly an envious person, her heart is full of envy , she even said it herself that she would be truely happy to see me in an awful situation. She was once talking with me and my mother, she said that she had a dream that I was getting good grades and my hair is long and she was envy of me. Even in her dreams, God help me! . By the way I have long hair and I wear hijab, but her hair is short and stopped growing and she doesn't wear hijab. I watched many many videos on YouTube about hasad and all the characteristics of an envious person that the sheikhs told us about, apply to her. Please tell me what to do with a truely evil person with an evil heart?

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AssalamuAlaikum sister. Thank you for your question.

Ask her to make dua for you. InshaAllah as she will make dua for you her envy will go away. Please also try to respond to any bad she does with more good, repel evil with that which is better. and she will become your best friend inshaAllah

Also sister you should forgive your sister despite all the pain she may have caused you, and perhaps Allah will forgive you your sins for you showing forgiveness to another of His slave.

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