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why is there so much scientific revelation in the koran most of them about our earth and its environment now being proven facts why did Allah swt mention them so accurately?

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Because, the Qur'an is a true book revele via prophet Muh'd(saw) by Allah(swa) to the manking and the jinns to no the true and guid them to the right path. And Allah(swa) is the all knower of all what humanbeings and the jinns know and what they did not know and what is hidden for them. ALLAHU AKBAR & ALLAHU A'ALAM .

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Allah knows every thing well, Allah knows the past and futures , Quran is the true book , there is no mistake in Quran,if Allah does not mention them accurately ( Na uzobillah) then how we can say that Quran is the true book,this is the one of the Qudrat of Allah that he knows well in the future


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To show his miracles. See, Quran is from about 1400 years ago and now people discover facts that Quran mentioned along time ago. That proves that Quran is also a miracle and a true book.... Sub7an Allah

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the quran says that it is the sun that revolves around the earth scientest concluded 400 years ago (Galileo Galilei) that it was the earth that revolved aroung the sun but a few years back they said that it was actually the sun that revloves around the earth and the quran has said this for thousands of years

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my dear confused soul these facts are spread throughout the quran Allah swt with precise words direct in each and every mention as is consistent with him swt described your developement from before birth 23:12-14 the depth and function of mountains 78:6-7 16:15 the begining of the universe 21:30 the behavior of waters of different salinity 55:19-20 25:53 the darkness of a deep sea and the behavior of waters of different densities therein the formation of rain 24:43 facts acknowledged only within the last hundred years or even later turn to Allah your creator and my creator first for wisdom guidance and understanding if not and this is serious please take note all the intelligence you have will not benefit is with these facts that Allah swt left us no dout as to who he is the creator of the entire universe.

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