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It happened two three days before when I was sleeping I saw a dream in which there was a man in black dress and his face was black as tar.he came to me and said he is malak-ul-maut.i was lying.he had a big chain in his hand amd grabbed me with that...I wasnot able to move a bit and I was crying and sshouting. ..There was somebdy standing next tp him..and was a girl whom I know earlier.she was laughing loudly..and amiled wen I closed my eyes and rooh seperated from my body.what does this mean and I am really scared..somebdy please help me out in this.

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It means repent before death approaches you

(May 30 at 14:10) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image

Thank you for your valuable answer...and why did I saw that girl.

(May 30 at 14:14) ayshaajmal ayshaajmal's gravatar image

I dont know any relation of the girl unless i mnow what is your relationship to her

(May 30 at 14:56) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image

She was my friend...close friend like a soul mate

(May 30 at 21:35) ayshaajmal ayshaajmal's gravatar image

Then meaning is very clear. Your friends won't be there for you when you die. The Angel Of Death comes for your soul and one the things you take with you to the grave are good deeds and beneficial knowledge.

The laughing means that after your death your friend will no longer be your friend because you will on your own with your own book of deeds on the Day Of Judgement. So this dream is nothing but a reminder and can be be best interpreted with this verse:

Rather, man, against himself, will be a witness,[75:14]

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Thanks a lot ..

(May 30 at 23:32) ayshaajmal ayshaajmal's gravatar image

This shows that ur iman is weak. We all want to go to heaven but don't want to die.

As abdul said this is way to telling u to repent.

Why does it sound like that malak-ul-Maut is so cruel and fierce looking according to ur description???

answered (suspended) Askislam2014's gravatar image

Yes it looked like that

(May 30 at 22:06) ayshaajmal ayshaajmal's gravatar image
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