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I know that there is an angel on the right and the left that writes down good and bad deeds. I have a couple of questions. 1- I heard the left angel delays writing the sin for 6 "hours". Is that true? Or 6 moments, minutes etc.. 2- If Angels cannot enter a house with pictures, then how can they still be on my shoulders recording my deeds? 3- I know that angels protect us, but like above, if we have pictures, do they still protect us? Thanks

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Yes, there is one report (Tabarani) that the Angel delays writing the sin for six hours and if the person does not repent in that time, then it is written down as one bad deed. Al-Albani classed it as sound, if I remember correctly. But you should check the authenticity yourself, and verify.

Furthermore, it is the Angels of Mercy which don't enter houses with dogs/pictures. Not all Angels. Other Angels do, e.g Angel of Death or the Angels who are with you constantly recording your deeds, etc.

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