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Assalamu Alaikum. Im convinsed that all my prayers are invalid cause my Wudu is always broken. 99% of the time a small amount of urine comes out & 85% of the time discharge comes out. It's definatly not waswasah. It feels like I have abandoned Salah & it has caused me to go back to my old ways before I was a practicing Muslimah. I feel like a kafr. I never repeat my prayers or Wudu cause i act like im considered Mazur when Im sure im not. Is there a solution for this? What should I do?

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Alsalamualikom..... First thing....dont say t your self (kafir)....

And you have to make sure the urine cuted of and then make a wudu....

And if you cant stop the urine from coming out.....see or tow ....if thy can't help you....then you have what it's call (salas)that mean incontinence of urine in this case you have to clean your body and your clothes as mutch you can and put some cutton if you can and make wudu normaley and go to pray ....if some urine com out in the pray dont warrey....your pray its true inashallah.....

Put the most important thing that you have to make sure that's no cure or treatment for you from incontinence to pray like this with your urine amount.

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