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van gogh made a movie called submission. it featured women in modified niqab's, some with what might be described as plunging neck lines, talking about the abuse they received at the hands of their 'wali's'. it also projected verses of the Koran onto women's bodies. i posted a link once but sadie got upset and deleted it. so in the name of co-existence i will not re-post. namaste.

a devout muslim killed him for this. right or wrong? within the bounds or transgressing?

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should I take that as a yes irfan?

(Jun 02 at 16:21) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image

so was this a rightous kill?

what do you think umar? and it was in the road that he was killed. that muslim did stab him (with a knife) after he shot him.

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