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I am engaged since 3 years. My fiance's passed away in December 2013. His mother wants to perform hajj this coming year. He is keep delaying the marriage and now when I asked him if he can spend some money for our marriage, he said I have nothing. I work 12 hours daily including weekends, trying to save each penny for our wedding. I get sick more often and Doctors told me to rest or leave job. Otherwise I will never recover. Is it right to make a girl wait and perform hajj first?

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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Priority is given to Hajj over marriage.

Anyway, if you can wait then that'd be good. Otherwise, if you feel that this man is not suitable to get married to (not financially ready, etc) then you can cancel the engagement and find someone suitable. Just to let you know that this is one option (though patience is better).

Furthermore - it is usually the man who is expected to cover the wedding expense, though you can contribute too. But it is not part of the the sunnah to make marriage an extravagant display, like many people do nowadays. A simple and less expensive wedding is the most beautiful kind, in my opinion.. and probably best for your situation, too.

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