Now updated: Ramadan calendar - please watch this video. I believe there should be a cause for our universe, i.e a god that created it. But really as stated in the video, why is a specific religion (in this case: islam) the true religion? Why should more than 5.5 billion people (in this time) face eternal hell? Not to mention that as it is now if 5% of muslim made it to heaven then that's a good percentage. Did God made humans so most of them are sent to hell? And as stated in the video, who says that the voice or the prescence we feel or believe in, is the true god of the universe, so far islam makes the most legit religion, but this heaven hell issue is confusing. Why is it that if i just worship "god" the one i believe is the one but is not necessarily Allah, and also do good deeds and no harm to others then i deserve eternal hell? Why is it that even though muslims claim that islam is the true religion, and they use reasoning to be sure, but muslims make only 1.5 billions, and true muslims that follow it's teaching are far less than this figure? What is the issue here that is making islam not followed by majority or practiced the right way by its followers? I've had these questions for the past year and i couldn't figure any of them out.

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There is always a reward for anyone who does righteous deeds. The main reason people go to hell is when they do things against Islam. Like the Quran states, there are things that are sinful, like drinking alcohol, consuming of deadly narcotics, eating of pork or any animals with sharp teeth or claws, cursing, being rude to the elderly/parents. These are some of the things that would get a person sent to hell. Allah only knows who goes to hell or who doesn't. Not praying toward the one true creator, not fasting during the months of Ramadan, not reading Quran, these would get a person sent to hellfire for eternity. God had chosen to send the Quran down to the last messenger muhammad (peace be upon him). Everyone hears about Islam, it's just they want to deny it, if they don't chose to follow Allah and Islam than hellfire they will be sent down to, Allah had sent over 124,000 messengers to all tribes throughout history since Adam and Eve. They chose to disbelieve and slaughter the messengers, they're granted hellfire for eternity. It says that some men will never accept islam, also as youm al kiyameh or (day of judgement), gets closer by the number of true believers will drop at an alarming rate, that is why god will punish the sinful and send the righteous Muslims to paradise. Islam is the true path because there is no other religion that teaches peace, dignity, strength, bravery, and honor. All the other religions to be honest don't have much of any of the characteristics I've named. There is also a lot of proof that Islam is the one true religion, look up online the many reasons that make islam the true religion, people who worship statues make them by hand, you can't make your own god that's nonsense. Allah guide you brother, I hope you find the right path and convert to the true religion islam.

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Dear Looking for answers,

First of all may Allah guide you to the straight path. Thank you for your questions.

People to whom the message of Islam has not reached will not be going to hell for denying Islam! Infact to think that is simply an absurdity and not a teaching of Islam, as this is unfair and God is Just. Even those believers who end up in hell will not be there permanently inshaAllah.

I hope you read this short booklet which I hope will answer most of your questions. I hope other users can clarify the answer to the questions in more depth as I may not have time at the moment.

Here is the link to read and download the booklet

O Allah, Lord of the heavens and the earth, the Most Gracious, The Most Merciful, guide Looking for Answers and show the straight path, and the answers to all the questions that have been asked. Indeed you are the All-Hearing the All Knowing.

[To diverge to something completely different, look at this video at how Muslims call out to Allah. Fast Forward it if you cannot watch the whole thing.]

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Islam is a True religion,, and right path of life.

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