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Among collectors, there are people who collect coins and banknotes which are considered rare or unusual. Often these would be older currencies which are no longer produced (although they may still be considered legal tender), but this could also include currencies which are currently in circulation which are considered special in some way (e.g., coins with an unusual printing error, or banknotes with interesting serial numbers).

Such currencies are often bought and sold at values significantly above their face value.

Is such a practice considered riba? If so, is there any halal way to trade in such currencies that allows the buyer and the seller to capitalize on their actual (rather than face) value?

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its only a type of business my friend and it is not considered a riba. for buy a house and later sell it at a higher price. its a type of normal business that one does in day to day life. and remember one thing friend business is allowed in islam and riba is prohibited.the dealing of coins is just a business so you may go on.

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he is saying what riba is and what you have said dosent seem to follow into that category, but i suggest you ask a sheikh if your still not sure

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you should buy what you want with real money, and finding such kind of money isint Haram.

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