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recently I've come to found that some enemies of Islam have started to slender Islam by saying there is no fixed capital punishment in Islam for this demonic practice in which some extremely whicked people indulge, just do a Google and you will see how low they have gone on their attempt to belittle this great religion of Allah. I searched about it and came to find a hadith in abu dawood which says slay the man/woman as well as the animal(like in the bible) but it is graded hasan and there is ikhtilaf amongst the scholars regarding it. so can you please enlighten us about this issue so insha allah many could find the truth about the false allegations they have made .I'm eagarly waiting for your answer, may Allah set reward all the people greatly who are involved in this website jazak Allah khair for being here for us, As'salam Alaykum.

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according to the grand ayatollah khomeni committing bestiality is better than committing zina, with a person.

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