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In extreme latitudes, a discernible sunrise and sunset may not be available at various times of the year; the sun may stay above the horizon for twenty-four hours a day, or even if it sets it would not set long enough to separate twilight and dawn from the true night. Traditionally, prayer times are known by such distinctions, which makes praying in such latitudes problematic. I know in that case that one of the solutions is to pray every day according to "Mecca Time" rather than relying on the position of the sun.

Given that God's law is meant for all mankind, is there any reason not to apply the same solution to latitudes where there does remain a discernible sunrise and sunset year-round, and where praying according to "Mecca Time" would only be alleviating the inconvenience of staying up late and waking early during the summer?

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People in any country should pray according to sun and this mean that in a country people may be praying Asr and in onther country people may be praying fajr.

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but its impossible to do so @lumisho if there is 6 months day and six months night in some countries as i suggested 'norway' as far to my knowledge.Allah knows the best i am not so sure.

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Sorry, what is 6 months day and night? I couldn't get it

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actually thats what even i am confused for and said i am not sure. a friend of mine stays in norway and asked me the same question. she said to me that there is six months night means no ray of sun reaches there for six months and then six months day that means no moon appears at that particular time. nw Allah only knows the best whether she said it true or lied. i will search and inshallah tell you.

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They can depened on nearby countries... Or do their best to guess salat time....

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asalaam aleykum

in Kuran kareem stated

"ina salat kaanat kitaban MAWKUTA = Periodically,

we do not go sun up or down as to say...Christmas 25 whether cold or .....

stating about equator(or canada) they know very well the period when it demands upon prayers there are muslims there with a mosquoe transported as "wooden made"

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