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I am a kidney patient and i am under dialysis can i fast during dialysis . is serogate mother allowed in islam.please pray for me that my dieseas goes.

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Salamoalikom,most of the ulamas says that fasting during the dialysis days is invalidated because of the nourishing substance that is given ori injected into the tubes of dislysis precedures as a glucose to clean the blood but inmy opinion that fasting is a discipline in a first place and its a hold of a desire of sexuality and food or drink,so in te case of dialysis patients there is no act of satisfying a desire by getting ay foreign fluid into the blood,and also there is no act of eating or drinking,and the dialysis patient actualy get very tired after his session ans more hungry,so if he fast then inshaallah his fast is accepted and even rewarded more by allah,i am a dialysis patient ans i fast all ramadan and also volunteer days and alhamdulilah i feel great in the fast.

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I am a kidney patient and i am under dialysis can i fast during dialysis}-->> i think you better consult with your doctor first if

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May Allah Give us good health in Ramadan

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