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I know several people that believe he is, and I understand there are many in the southern U.S. that believe this. I don't believe he is anything but a fool, he has misquoted the Bible, and the Quran, also what about that bow to the Saudi king. It was humiliating to this country, and if he were a Muslim wouldn't it be blasphemous to bow to anyone or anything other than Mecca?

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To the best of my knowledge, Obama has never claimed to be a muslim. If he is muslim in his heart, God knows the hearts of mankind but we do not; without the knowledge of the unseen we can judge only the actions of others:

  • I have neither seen nor heard from a reliable witness that Obama testifies the shahadah.
  • I have neither seen nor heard from a reliable witness that Obama enjoins regular salaat.
  • I have neither seen nor heard from a reliable witness that Obama fasts during Ramandan.
  • I have neither seen nor heard from a reliable witness that Obama gives the zakat.
  • I have neither seen nor heard from a reliable witness that Obama has performed the Hajj.

So no, I do not believe that Obama is a muslim, and see no reason to even consider that he might be.

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he has said many times that he isnt muslim somone who dosent want it to be known that he is muslim must not be a true muslim if he really was also he goes to church with his family very often and a muslim wouldnt go to a church more than going to a mosque also as you have said he bowed to the saudi aabian king when no one else does not even pople in saudi arabia, he talks about muslims as he talks about foreign affairs, he dosent have enough information on it and yet he insistes on speaking about them his polocies arent those of which muslims would initiate or belive there is absoulutly no evidence he is muslim and people arent born into into islam as people are born into christianity a muslim is somone who submits to allah you cant just say it by words your action must demonstrate it and nothing he does has ever demonstrated that he is a muslim

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NesreenA, here is a news clip. President Barack Obama, beset by substantial public doubts about his religion and right-wing suspicions that he is Muslim, took a few steps on Sunday to dispel those image problems: He and his family crossed Lafayette Park to St. John’s Episcopal Church, just the third time he has worshipped in public since he became president last year.

The president, first lady Michelle Obama and their daughters joined about 40 other worshippers, according to pool reports, and heard a sermon on a passage from the Gospel of Luke that ends, “You cannot serve God and wealth.”

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He uses religion to further his political career. Jesus said "by there fruits you will know them" his fruit is rotten. I could also say "a Christian can't just say it by words you must demonstrate by your actions, or you might say your faith is shown by your actions. He has demonstrated that he is neither a Muslim nor a Christian. There are many that profess to be Christians who by there actions prove that they are not.

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i didnt say he was christian i simply said he wasent muslim he may caim to be either religion but we both know he dosent practice it so i wouldnt consider him either one

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NesreenA, I am happy that we can finally agree on something.

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I can't say sure but I heard he keep the statue of Ganesh in his pocket if it is true then I can say he is not muslim.

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know idea about it whether he is a muslim or not but it is a very big sin to say a muslim a non-muslim and by the way who knows whats the core matter,allah is all sufficient and all knowwing.its better not to say anything about the matter in which we have no information.

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what???????? he is muslim?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he kill a lot of people in muslim contry like Iraq , Afghanistan and ... Down with Obama

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no he isnt we already determined he wasent

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He is Christian, there is an article on it on this link: "Christian by Choice" there is no mistake, also I would be exceptionally surprised if America allowed itself to have a Muslim President. Hope this answers the question. :)

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Huffington post is on the extreme left, of course they will say what ever they think will benefit the extreme left obama.

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no no nooo.... he is authentic kafir or atheist

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