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assalaam muslim..i have a question concern prophet issa (alaihi salam) there any verse in bible express the situation where issa bin maryam seemed to have feelings for a woman.i need the exact verse from bible if possible to clarify the point to christian fellow..

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Matthew 5:27-29 "You have heard that it was said,'Do not commit adultery.' 28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. 29 If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to loose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. Because Jesus taught something like that, and he was the sinless Son of God, you can be sure he never "lusted after a woman."

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maybe you should ask this on a christian forum many of us here do not know the bible by heart it would be like asking christians for a verse from the quran

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NesreenA, go ahead, ask me something from the Quran.

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I beg to differ, some Muslims know it better ( the bible) and their are many Christians who know the Qur'an very well.

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It is not in the version of the Bible approved by most churches, you find this reference in what is called the Gnostic scripts, more precisely in Gospel of Phillip as far as I know. Most Christians don't believe in it, but the idea was made famous with The Da Vinci Code.

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There is no verse in the New Testament that expresses Hazrat Isa’s(alaihi salam) feelings for a woman.
Hey, Nasreen. In answer to your comment regarding Christians and their inability to quote a verse from the Qur’an: ‘Which then of your Lord’s blessings do you both deny?’ (Al-Rahman).

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Fabi alaa irabikouma tokedthibon .

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Well done!

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My understanding of the relationship of Mary Magdalene is that she was an apostle of Jesus, that Jesus cast out seven demons from her (some argue that this might not mean literal demons, but illness or mental problems) There are also a number of passages which imply that Mary was a woman with a sinful background, though the perception that she was a prostitute, as far as I am aware is not biblical. Mary was not the only woman who was a follower of Jesus. I wonder if the reason her story is so well known, is because of the fact that she was a perfect example of the person that Jesus came for. A person who had lived a sinful life, and done many things which were wrong, but who geniunely wished to change, who geniunely repented, and then had geniune faith in their salvation. So her story in many ways is the message of the new testament. That by his death on the cross - Jesus paid for our sins, and his death, was enough - that even the most sinful person, if they truly repent, and truly believe in Jesus, is forgiven, and the slate is wipe clean, in gods eyes that person is restored to complete rightness with god. That her sins were many shows that God send his only son to die on our behalf, because he knew that we could not ever, with deeds, pay the price of our sins, it isnt possible. And god, being completely 100% just, could not allow sin to go unpunished, he is perfectly righteous and must judge sin. But at the same time God did not wish to send all human kind to hell - what to do.... the sin has to be paid for.... but we could not ever pay for it...So God sent his only son, who was sinless - to pay the price for our sin - this judgement had been made and was just - and we have a way to escape the torment of hell. The reason this is a gift, and not earned, is simple. We could never earn it, we could not hope to do enough good works to cancel out our own sin, much less 'earn'a home in heaven. The only way we can hope to have forgiveness, and to be made right in gods eyes, is by this gift.
Mary, is an example of the christian story. A person, who is deep in sin, who has and is committing many sins when they encounter Jesus. A person who realises their hopeless situation and asks god for help, and who accepts the gift of salvation offered. As a result, this person undergoes a dramatic change in their person, as they are filled with the spirit of God and become more like christ. And the miraculous change in their life, is one reason for the enormous faith the saved person has. Mary stays by Jesus even as he is crucified, not because she has to, or because she will earn a reward for doing so. But because she wants to. Because Jesus has done so much for her, she loves him with all her heart. Her faith is rewarded and she is the first person to see the miracle of the resurrection. This gods promise to all christians is forfilled. Even many and terrible sins can be forgiven if a person truly wishes to know god. When a person makes this decision, their life and their character will be very much changed. When this happens, the person will feel great joy and love for their saviour and want to be close to him. Because of the changes wrought in their own life, the person has faith, and does not doubt that god will do what he promises. Because they have truly given their heart to god, and have had true faith, they have been made new, adopted as a son or daughter of god. Like any doting parent, god dotes on his beloved children, wishing to uplift, support, and bless them, to see them happy, to show them his love. This Mary, is the first to see Jesus rise from the dead - because she had faith and never doubted it would be as Jesus said. I think the stories about her being in love with Jesus are probably people honestly, or intentionally misconstruing her affection for Jesus. Or maybe she was a little bit 'crushing'on him (lol) after all, this amazing guy shows up, treats her like a precious important person when others may have treated her like garbage, then changes her life and releases her from so much pain and suffering, and then makes it clear to all, that in his eyes, she is every bit as important, and worthy of love as the most pious person. If you think about it, it wouldn't be surprising if she had a bit of a crush on him. But I believe that any feelings she may have had like that (if she even did) would have never been acted upon, as she would have known that he was not a man who would live a human life and fall in love, marry etc. And I wonder if she was special to Jesus, because she was representative of all the people who he had come to earth as a man, to save. The was one physical symbol of the many people who god has so much love for.

She was devoted to Jesus by all accounts (and most biblical theologians seem to be of the opinion that this devotion was never romantic and that this was simply the imagination o f many people). What is known is that she was present at Christ's crucifixion and burial, and she was the first person to see him

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