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salamu 'alaykum

I want to do the lesser sin. masterbation is really bad. The messenger muhammad(SAW) said, 'The person who performs Nikah with his hands (i.e. masturbates) is cursed. ” Quoted from those after the Sahaba A narration attributed to Sa'id ibn Jubayr reports: The messenger muhammad(SAW) said, 'Allah Taãla will inflict a punishment on a group of people because they played with their private parts.'

  1. If i want to save myself form masterbating becaus eit is a very high sin, then is it a lesser sin than masterbation to get my sister to masterbate on me

2.Also can i get my sister to have oral sex with me in order to replace it with msaterbating myself if oral sex is a lesser sin.

  1. and Finnally is having SEX(witout ejaculating in her) with my sister a lesser sin than me masterbating on myself. i dont want to get her preganat so i dont want to ejaculate on her which is quite safe(i think)

the logic i get is that when you masterbate with ur own self then you will end up not wanting to have a wife and remaining masterbating with own self.

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This is so disgusting, how can you even think about it? You really need to learn how a brother n sister relation should look like. May Allah guide you ...

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Alikum alsalam brother...

When you know all the three choises is haram and zinna'...why you going to do it eney way???

You going to do it and allah watching you????

Possiple that you going to die when you ejaculating in (your hand or her mouth or her vagina)

We all know that was happend alot(sex heart attack)if that happend what you going to say to allah????fear allah brother.....

If you realy have to do it ...then do it but you have to do this three missions first.

1_ go out from the earth and out of the's for going to make sin on his earth when he watching ???

2_don't breath allah,s not goin to make asin when you breathing his air make your on air.

3_this body you have for allah...find your self body to make all the sins you want by it...

You cant do it hah???


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If you can commit a sin without Allah seeing you, then do commit. If you are sweating that Day because of your record, then please don't ask us as we will be judged ourselves like you.

Even an atom's worth of sin can be your demise.

"anyone who has an atom's worth of goodness will see it and anyone who has done an atom's worth of evil will also see it" (Quran 99:7-8).

And a Hadith will help here as well:

“Never imagine a sin to be trifle and small and abstain from the Greater Sins, because, on the Day of Judgement, when the slave beholds his sins, tears of blood and puss shall flow from his eyes. At that moment Allah shall say, “This is the day when everyone shall see his good or bad deeds, and wish there be a great distance between them and their sins.”

I presume you don't pray salat or your salat is ineffective because salat is a barrier against shamefulness.

It is related from the Holy Prophet (S) that he said:

“One who considers prayers unimportant is not from me. By Allah, he is not from me. By Allah, he cannot reach near me at the Haudh al-Kauthar.” (the cistern in Paradise)

Finally a verse from Quran:

"Establish prayer, for prayer restrains from shameful and unjust deeds." [Al-'Ankabut 29:45]

Is there any Muslim here who has yet asked the opposite question like "is this deed more liked to Allah or this" instead of "is this worse sin or that sin?" which is a negative approach in my opinion. Sins should be abstained from as much as you can, and everyday repentance should be done because we can commit sin unknowingly and knowingly.

“It is these who race for the good deeds, and they are foremost in them.” (Qur’an 23:61)

Now this is how a Muslim should be i.e. competing in good deeds.

Hadith time:

Indeed, Allah has opened the door of repentance to every sinner. The Prophet said,

"Oh people, repent to Allah, for indeed, I repent to Allah 100 times every day"

[Muslim : 2702]

Jazakallah Khair

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absolutely disgusting thoughts. while masturbation in itself is a grave sin, how can you think involving your your sister in this would be a lesser sin ? it's like saying stabbing someone would be better than kicking him in the face.

by doing this you are not only destroying your akhira but also your sister's so how can it be a lesser sin than masturbation. if you are really having such thoughts please get married at any cost otherwise there is fear of indulging in this unexplainably disgusting sin and you will be responsible for it.

as for your question than even if you think logically masturbation only makes you sinful while doing something disgusting like that with your sister will also make her sinful. I'm not supporting masturbation by any means, just saying it can't be compared with doing zina with a person tho it's a type of zina. I will pray that allah helps you brother and protect you from these sick practices and get you married soon, Aameen.

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Asmar993 have given you the right ans for your question as for i like to add sex between siblings is prohibited well actually its a crime in many countries of the world because biological the after effects are curl even for humans it can coz many diseases or should say to many to to many and may be if your a Muslim you will get killed before the diseases will kill you . i dont know how you got this idea

the only way is work hard buy a house get married and plz dont destroy you lill sis life

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