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Not sure where to start really: I am a Christian woman living in Australia and I am in love with a man who is Islam living in Amman, Jordan.

We both love each other very much.

We are both 'Mature' age people: He is 61 and I am 57 years old respectively.

He asked me about 3 weeks ago "Would I consider him as a husband?" Of course my answer was "Yes".

My question is: "Do I have to change to the 'Islam' Religion or can we marry and live as two separate religion? I respect his religion very much.

We both have 'grown up' children with families of their own.

Are the rules for young couples who inter-marry (Islamic man marrying a Christian Woman), still apply to us as we are both Mature Age?

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You do not have to become a Muslim in order to marry your man. May I wish you both the very best of happiness and good fortune together.

(Jun 07 at 14:37) Paulus Paulus's gravatar image
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