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Assalamu aalaykum I'm a young 14 years old girl. Last night, I had a very bad dream that involved demons attacking me. It all started like this. I was in a very crowded place, my parents were there, and some of my friends were there too. I was with my parents, then for some reason i decided to leave the crowded room. It was in a very big building actually. I started walking in the building, and somehow i got lost. I heard my friends' voice telling me not to continue walking around like that, it was dangerous. But I was pannicking as I started walking in dark halls and ended up in many disgusting places. Then, suddenly, as i got in a fully dark room, I fell into nothingness and it felt like I was going down on a big slide. I couldnt scream, for i immediatly crashed on the ground. I was somewhere really creepy, with water dripping from the ceiling, as if i was in those underground dirty water canals (i forgot what theyre called). On the wall right in front of me, something was written with a dark red liquid which i assume was blood. I dont clearly remember what was written, but I remember reading the word "demon". Then suddenly, a very strong grip started taking me in the dark hallways and I screamed on the top of my lungs. I started reciting ayat al kurssi. Then the creature who strandled me threw me in a room. It was the same crowded room where I was earlier. But only my mom was there. I ran to her and screamed in desesperation, telling her that demons are after me and they are attacking me. She looked at me with empty eyes and said where is the problem with that. And i kept on begging and crying and she kept saying "its fine" The demon came in, i dont remember what it looked like at all. I started shouting for him to leave me alone and let me go back and not be such a monster like that. He kept on aproaching me. I saw on a side table something that relieved me. I saw my small quraan there, the one i always have under my pillow. I ran to it and took it, and i placed it right in front of me, feeling as powerful as ever. I held i tight as the demon dissappeared (or ran away) and the look in my mother's eyes changed, it became tender again.

Its the first time i have such a dream, can anyone explain it to me? Thank you

im in no position to interpret this dream but it seems you didnt/forgot to recite the duas before sleep. you should recite all the duas before sleeping for protection,you must recite them before sleep otherwise you will see dreams like this and the devils will try to give you a hard time whenever youll give them a chance.theres a book called hisnul muslim (fortress of the muslim) which would be very helpful for you to find the duas and recite them before you go to sleep. theres a great free app on iOS and Android

just learn these sunnah and never forget to do them before sleep(especially Ayatul Qursi) and Insha Allah you be safe& sleep better and please never forget to recite Ayatul Qursi and last 2 verses of Surah Al Baqarah as it makes the jinns leave your house and they cannot enter it for that night.wish you well sister,As`salam Alaykum.

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Alikum alsalam sister

Insha'allah khair .....

The dream is clear insha' was a littel girl ander your parents..... and allah save you from the demons...

Now you are a young woman this age demons (shitan)attack your heart badly.....he try to make you follo him in shirk by allah and he try to drag you to sins to keep you away from worshiping allah .....and you saidn that your mother said to you its ok by empty eyes.....that mean she can't help you...only allah can help you ....

You have to keep your prayers in ther times and read the quran alot and stay away from sins and be good to your parents ....insha,allah the shitan is not ging to find way to your heart....

Dont fear demons sister....fear allah .....

And it's good for you to see this's from allah try to open you eye to to be close to him..... Allah keep you safe

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Dreams come from 3 Allah , shayton, or the wondering of our own minds . The good dream being that from Allah. The bad dream from shayton, and anything else is from our minds. It is said that we shouldn't share our bad dreams. Allahu alim. Salaam

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And bad dreams shouldn't be shared per narration.

It was narrated from Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Dreams are of three types: glad tidings from Allaah, what is on a person’s mind, and frightening dreams from the Shaytaan. If any of you sees a dream that he likes, let him tell others of it if he wishes, but if he sees something that he dislikes, he should not tell anyone about it, and he should get up and pray.”

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