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As-salamualiaku I am 17 year old and my boyfriend is 20. We really love each other alot.He's a good person from a good family background. I know he's the person I want as my future because he's the type of person that is willing to let go of me if my parents dnt accept and he always wants me to be on the right path. We always talk about marriage and future. And he's family is okay with him choice he's partner but in the other hand my parents are strictly against it. If my parents say no den I can't do anything about it and my boyfriend knows this aswell. And he's really understanding about this situations and he's always says if allah wills we will be together and if not I guess allah has someone better. We both want to be together with the blessings from allah and both are families. But sometimes I have doubt dat things aren't going to go the way we want it or wat if we dnt get married. We both are scared to loose eachother. We never had an argument or fights we normally just talk it through. In-sha-allah we both be together. We have not committed any zina and hopefully never in the future. All I want to know is how we both can make this relationship halal and last. Thank you.

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i think if the parents of that boy bring his proposal to your family then things can be different may be your parents agree for your marriage this should be the right thing form my point of view

i don't know the ground facts so have fate in your parents they will always chose what is best for you like i said i don't the ground facts so that,s all the help i would like to offer

marriage is not every thing a lot of other things also matter in life and parents have spend there whole life's in this world so they know what is right and wrong for you

plus a piece of advice if your parents don't know your meeting him you should stop doing that coz that is a bad thing without a doubt you might run into some trouble

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