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I would like see the world without Islam. I mean full of peace.

asked (suspended) Modest4lyfeee's gravatar image

I would like to see the world without narrow- minded people, a world where everyone would be accepted and respected just as they are.As it comes to you modest4lyfeee i would like to know what you are doing in this islamic site when your not interested ??? I would suggest you to read more about islam and know that this is the most peaceful religion , and you have no right to claim something you don't know about...

answered 157 Diyana's gravatar image

Well surely the most peaceful religion I can see in the world how peaceful it is? Islam has history of killing those people who didn't accept Islam

(Jun 07 at 17:13) Modest4lyfeee Modest4lyfeee's gravatar image

I have also read the history and you are totally was other people who killed new becoming muslims because the had become muslims...and what kind of sense gives you right to judge a whole religion by seeing a few followers who actually don't know the islamic routines themselves? Personally i don't see those terrorists as muslims. Islam is against killing of innocent people...this is just a stereotype and you have to try to see the reality... If you are for human rights then give it a chance to make friendship with a real muslim and get knowledge about real islam...

(Jun 07 at 17:30) Diyana Diyana's gravatar image

@modest study up on the history of Christianity and you will see that it's not Islam that has the most violent history and it's not the religion that is violent it's people who take things out of context. Islam is beautiful and peaceful and without it would be horrible, Without Allah we would be nothing, I don't want to even know a world without his love and mercy.

(Jun 07 at 17:56) deathiscertain87 deathiscertain87's gravatar image

I ' try to imagine the warld without islam and i saw jest pigs eating garbage .jest animals

answered 965 abowaleed's gravatar image

But I see people living in peace not beheading someone or blasting in public places

(Jun 07 at 16:31) Modest4lyfeee Modest4lyfeee's gravatar image

Maybe you should use your head and start seeing things from different point of views...start with researching about who is "actually" behind these blasts?

(Jun 07 at 16:50) Diyana Diyana's gravatar image

Would u like to explain how killing innocent is justified

(Jun 07 at 19:37) Modest4lyfeee Modest4lyfeee's gravatar image

How many of the Muslims blast in public places? 1%? (Ha ha joke? - 1%?!! Ofcourse not). OK, 0.001%? (No way!). But for argument's sake lets say its 0.001% of the Muslims who blast people in public for their religion(even though it certainly is not). Then what about the 99.99% of Muslims? How can one stereotype 99.99% of a people based on 0.001%? How can this be possible? Are we not humans? Didnt Allah give us some logic? Dont we solve complicated problems by the Mercy of Allah? How can we deceived this badly.

(Jun 07 at 20:53) UmarAbdullah ♦ UmarAbdullah's gravatar image

Just think about one simple thing...if these terrorists that you call muslims would be muslims and fight for religion , why would they do it in islamic countries like Afghanistan? Lots of innocent afghan people is killed due to these blasts , isn't this suspicious? If these blasts are fight against non muslims why should it be done in islamic area? Its all because this is supported by non muslims , they want to create bad prejudices for islam.

(Jun 07 at 20:58) Diyana Diyana's gravatar image

So wake up and try to understand that such activities can not be done without support from other non muslim countries...its so sad that people cannot see the truth and even if they cannot see they don't even bother themselves to think about such things critically and logically...and yet they call themselves open minded and democratic and bla bla bla...

(Jun 07 at 21:04) Diyana Diyana's gravatar image

The deception itself is mind blowing. It points towards the weakness of the human brain when faced with a continuous bombarding of calculated misinformation. As Hitler once noted, if you repeat a lie long enough it becomes truth to the people. Reality is being covered and a deceptive world view is being pushed before our very eyes with immense success.

(Jun 07 at 21:05) UmarAbdullah ♦ UmarAbdullah's gravatar image

The horrors of the Muslim nations today are being used to point towards the fallibility of Islam - One of the most amazing lies - because the cause is the lack of Islam instead of the presence of Islam - forgetting the glorious History when the Muslim nation did hold on to Islam. A system of denial of Allah (subhahu wataAla) is the public life is being pushed, His role as the law-giver is denied, lewdness and immorality are becoming the norm, and women are oppressed in the name of freedom and fashion while the Islamic practises of modesty and dignity are looked down as oppression.

(Jun 07 at 21:24) UmarAbdullah ♦ UmarAbdullah's gravatar image

The contrast between the Muslims Caliphate which was historically documented as an extremely tolerant society with the Christian world which was historically the opposite is being disregarded. I can go on and on, but anyways, kind of reminds us of the great deceiver (Dajjal) who is to come later on, doesnt it? May Allah safeguard us, and remove the veil from the questioner so that he can see.

(Jun 07 at 21:26) UmarAbdullah ♦ UmarAbdullah's gravatar image

umar, you ever heard of the sihk massacre of 1762? how about the armenican holocaust? you do know what started the crusades, don't you? the muslim ruler of jerusalem, destroyed the church of the holy sepulchre in 1009. history is fun, but can you riddle me this? an american, young man in his 20s, just blew himself up the other week in syria. his family is middle class, lives in a gated community and owes some middleastern grochery stores here in florida. by all accounts the kid was not mentaly unstable, he was well liked and reported to be a happy all-american kid. yet, boom. probably while

(Jun 10 at 12:22) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image

screaming allahu akbar. how is this not realated to religion, in this case islam.

diyana, muslims have been killing muslims almost since the beginning. see battle of camel. many sunni declare the shia apostates. and the alawites in syria are not seen as muslims by many sunni. or look at pakistan and article XX, with the ahmadi. the muslims will always kill each other. mostly because of their religion.

(Jun 10 at 12:24) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image
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Islam is more precisely "a way of life". The word religion should be avoided with Islam hence Islam is a deen.

answered 8638 abdul_wasay's gravatar image

Perhaps you should read the book A World Without Islam by Graham E Fuller

answered 252 sham777's gravatar image

If the questioner has never watched any youtube videos then I ask him by Allah to watch this with attention and an open mind, as this is the speech of Allah to him, and in Allah's knowledge He knew you are going to listen to His speech (if you do watch it) in this point in time in life when you are in need of it. Feel free to ask questions about what you watch

answered 40117 UmarAbdullah's gravatar image
edited Jun 07 at 22:31

what does alif lam ra mean?

(Jun 10 at 12:27) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image

If the warld without islam is full of peace....the who start the world war1 and kill the milions of people???? Muslims?? The answer i NO and you know that.....

And who kill the milions on the warld war2 and use the mass destruction weapons????muslims????NO NO NO....

Your people come to the muslims in there pleaces and wage war on them ander meny names(national security,,,,war on terror,,,,ex,,,ex) and for what?the black gold....the oil.....the kill people jest for the money and it's happened alot every single day on you nun muslims pleases.....

You dont have head to use? And last thind i'm going to pray to allah to make you convert to islam....if he dont want to make you a muslim man? Then i'm going asking him to you burn on hell fire and ask him to take all my sins and evry body in this site sins and give it to you.

answered 965 abowaleed's gravatar image
edited Jun 08 at 01:17

True ! But what is happening now in the world What is ur take one that?

(Jun 10 at 06:03) Modest4lyfeee Modest4lyfeee's gravatar image

Asker: I think that was the most stupid question I have ever asked in my life. There is nothing wrong with Islam but with Muslims. I thought what Muslims are doing is right according to Islam but actually is not. So its my bad and I take my words back and apologise for my immature question.


answered (suspended) Modest4lyfeee's gravatar image
edited Jun 25 at 19:14

Great now you realize it. Its not Islam but its followers who lack in its practice. If you want to look at Islam look at Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and follow him.

Its better to ask forgiveness from Allah as well just to make sure He is also pleased.

(Jun 25 at 19:15) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image

Since I read the book on prophets life pbuh , it made me feel how little I know about Islam. I spoke to Molvi Sahib and gave me something read to seek forgiveness

(Jun 25 at 19:22) Modest4lyfeee Modest4lyfeee's gravatar image

You have become a better Muslim now because now you have faith+UNDERSTANDING and Islam encourages to ponder and use intellect (previously if I know it was just faith), Inshallah your imaan will improve with more knowledge through the last guidance left.

May I recommend Noble Quran by Hilali and Khan? Its very good translation backed up with Hadith. its avaliable on daruslam worth buying. this will help you interpret verses through hadith which is the true way. you can get it for free by typing in google "Noble quran hilali khan pdf" but it will take time to load.


Have nice ramadan.

(Jun 25 at 19:28) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image

Inshallah I'll.

(Jun 25 at 19:31) Modest4lyfeee Modest4lyfeee's gravatar image

Who suspended him and why?

(Jun 26 at 05:55) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image

Brother Asif. Don't know why.

(Jun 26 at 06:22) Paulus Paulus's gravatar image

certainly a world with fewer world cup bombings.

(Jun 26 at 10:50) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image
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