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Human right in Islam for non-followers?

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ali is reported to have burned atheist. the narrator of the hadith ibn abbas, said that if he was in ali's place, he would not have burnt them because muhammad said not to use allah's punishment, fire. but he would have killed them because muhammad said, "whoever changes his islamic religion, kill him."

and the following hadith in the 84th book of bukhari,'dealing with apostates', has a jew who became a muslims but then reverted back to being a jew. and the muslims killed him for that. dispite the arrogance of some of the muslims here, they don't know their own religion very well.

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Proof from the Qur’an

There is not a single verse in the Qur’an which says to harm another person because of them not being a Muslim. On the contrary, there are several verses which talk about respecting non-Muslims.

To further clarify the matter about forced conversion to Islam, let’s look at these verses:

“ There is no compulsion in religion…” (Qur’an, 2:256)

“Had your Lord wanted, all the people on earth would have believed. So will you force people to believe?” (Qur’an, 10:99)

“So warn them: your only task is to warn, you’re not supposed to force them.” (Qur’an, 88:21-22)

“He does not forbid you to deal kindly and justly with anyone who has not fought you for your faith and driven you out of your homes, God loves the just.” (Qur’an, 60:8)

Could the Qur’an be any clearer on this issue?

Proof from the Prophet of Islam

The second source in Islam, after the Qur’an, are the statements made by the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Let’s see what he said about non-Muslims and how to force them to join Islam:

“Whoever kills an innocent non-Muslim will not even smell the fragrance of Paradise.” [Bukhārī]

How could this statement possibly be compatible with the ridiculous idea that Islam forces itself on others? Instead, it makes it clear that no non-Muslim is allowed to be harmed because of what they believe.

Here you go, here is what ISLAM ACTUALLY teaches about killing others. I hope you understand now. Some people/Muslims go much further on this issue and kill others for no reason, that does not mean Islam teaches that, it just means they are not following what Islam really teaches. Don't judge Islam by those people.

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that was not the question.

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That's a very well said answer, and I really enjoy your quotes

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He is amuslim then he know allah and the

truth about islam is only and the last religion ..

.he know all that if he want to convert then he deserve to die and after his death he going to the hell if allah wont to

.....this is allah rule and we satisfied with it and we agree to.

Allah akbar.

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Then there should be a rule in Scotland that every one has to live in a atheist way and have to believe in atheism. If anyone violate this rule he should be stoned to death.

By the way 6 % of population is muslim

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The muslim not like you not mor than .an and shit and sleep after deth you going to the hell....and why you can't make rule like this?the reasone is allah ower god and protect us and you dont have one...

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The reason we don't make this kinda a law is that we don't imply our views on others.

If u think u r superior than us lot then u better go back to ur superior muslim country.

Alright I am the worst animal according to u now tell me about ur self . Killing people in the name of religion and anyone who doesn't agree with your views meant to be killed.

I have lots of Muslims friends but they are modest Muslims not extremist like u shithole.

If being an animal is like to give everyone rights And respects their views then I better be like that.

(Jun 07 at 17:22) Modest4lyfeee Modest4lyfeee's gravatar image

@modest We're called extremist for following the way of our creator, let me ask you how long do you think you can do it alone in this life without the creator? Without him we wouldn't even be here, your not seeing the whole picture, I suggest you actually do your research and read the Quran not just some stuff you see on the internet either. Yes it's true that some countries take the Quran out of context but you need to read it and truely understand it. It is not the way the media portrays.

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If Islam is so peaceful and best religion then who is portraying it bad? We or Muslims themselves ?????

(Jun 07 at 19:43) Modest4lyfeee Modest4lyfeee's gravatar image

he deserve to die and after his death he going to the hell if allah wont to }}}--->>> your speaking like you are the mighty god coz dont be you are not god i dont know how you ppl think like you or i have done nothing to deserve to be alive. have done noting to be on this earth . and you say he or she should die coz he think,s differently we can not create life its the god who dose in the same way we dont have the right to destroy it. its he who will decide i mean our existence in this world is not even equal to a dot ( . ) and we think we have the right to pass judgment on others bravo

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deathiscertain, are you claiming that death is not the prescribed punishment for apostasy in islam?

abowaleed, you are a true muslim. Allu Akbar.

Sadie, interesting what gets edited?

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U Muslims have very selfish god. First he himself creates to manny religion then finally Islam and now he wants everyone to be killed who doesn't follow Islam a Or leave Islam.

(Jun 10 at 05:59) Modest4lyfeee Modest4lyfeee's gravatar image

Our God wants everyone to be killed who doesn't follow Islam? Allah SWT sent down the Prophet PBUH, and look what the Prophet PBUH said: The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said:

“Whoever kills an innocent non-Muslim will not even smell the fragrance of Paradise.” [Bukhārī]

There is no compulsion in Islam, Islam teaches to not force people to become Muslims. This is the true Islam and way of life.

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Then why u Muslims attacked on different states and made them muslim states by force. Why people are so scared to leave Islam? Bcz ur god love those people who reject Islam and want them to be with him

(Jun 10 at 08:27) Modest4lyfeee Modest4lyfeee's gravatar image

Why you attack islam and talk about allah by some thing you don't know?

You dont bleave on islam ?then let it sit on hear attacking dont have some thing to do? Fear of allah ... He watching you all the time...he can take you away in blink of aneye.....and if you dont going to going to know and rigred all this what you doing

The problem is know allah is your god....yu feel it in your self...

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because some people take Islam out of context-followers of every Religion do that, your never going to get every single follower of Islam to be completely perfect. That's how life is!

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Agreed with u

(Jun 10 at 19:29) Modest4lyfeee Modest4lyfeee's gravatar image
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You forget the whole point of Islam. It is not this world but a preparation for the world to come. Will you not then understand?

Since you are attached to this world, your questions seems natural.

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JazakAllah Khayr, I agree.

(Jun 08 at 04:56) Mazoozqwe Mazoozqwe's gravatar image

so you kill apostates so they go to hell. that doesn't even make sense. what you just said would be the argument for no death penalty for apostates because it would give them the rest of their lives to repent and revert.

(Jun 09 at 11:15) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image

Abdul are u not muslim bcz every Muslims will be giving different opinion then u have

(Jun 10 at 06:01) Modest4lyfeee Modest4lyfeee's gravatar image

Islam doesn't teach people to live the way they want, It teaches people to live in the most perfect and best way ever, but you will never understand if you don't research about it. :)

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How do u know it is perfect? It could be perfect for you not for others

(Jun 08 at 06:11) Modest4lyfeee Modest4lyfeee's gravatar image

Is someone forcing u? You are free to leave this site

(Jun 08 at 08:45) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image

yeah 4free, no one is forcing your friend. she can leave islam, they will just kill her, that's all. no one is FORCING her. LOL.

stone her! stone her! stone her!.....IT IS PERFECT!

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The thing you do not understand, is that Islam doesn't teach to stone anyone who refuses to be Muslim, because think of it: if it did teach that the majority of people would be dead! Every Muslim (which is an extremely big part of the population) would be stoning everyone and killing them, there would a small number of people of Earth! Please, learn about what Islam teaches, then come and make those offensive comments. Stop wasting your time.

(Jun 09 at 11:22) Mazoozqwe Mazoozqwe's gravatar image

what you don't understand is that, is not what I said. who said anything about killing non-muslims for not being muslims? you didn't even quote 2:256. the scenario given in the question is about a muslim girl who doesn't want to be a muslim anymore. and as your learned muslim brothers and sisters say, the penalty for that, apostasy, is death. often by stoning.

so why don't you try to understand the question before you go around "correcting" people. in short, learn to read.

(Jun 09 at 11:41) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image

I don't think i can get anywhere with u tbh. Just be more ignorant and speak without knowledge about Islam, it's your loss not mine.

(Jun 09 at 12:22) Mazoozqwe Mazoozqwe's gravatar image

the question is can the woman leave islam without fear of being killed. and the answer is NO. the penalty for leaving islam is death. my knowledge of this comes from the 84th book of bukhari on the website, and from this website. i asked the question, what is the penalty for apostasy, and the answer is death. everyone agreed, other than paul, but he's not a muslim.

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life is not fair for anyone some are born rich some are born poor some are born kings some are born in bad family's some are born slaves some are born as sacrifices like they will die on there 13th birthday or something like that

i think you guys should be thankful that you are alive to see this beautiful world (shehnaz) have a good friend like you who cares for her what more you can ask

as for rights and wrongs of human i would say your life will give you a chance to prove that you are right and the world is wrong so work hard study hard become a big shoot and then prove it if you can

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