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hello brothers and sisters, today i had one of my friends ask whether or not masturbating without ejaculation haram? he said that while he was masturbating he realised of the problems and consequences of the sin and he stopped and repented from Allah. what i would like to know is that would his act still be counted as a sin as he stopped midway?

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Spend that money on deserving people.

(Jun 07 at 19:33) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image

Alikum alsalm brother.... masturbating is haram with ejaculation or not.....

Jest touching his self in his sensitive areas it,s kind of masturbating.....

If he thinking about doing it when he start touching his self it's beacame a sin...if he complete to the ejaculation that is biger sin....

But if he stop in the half of the way and the reason was his fear from allah... then allah ghafour raheem..

..he have to make honest tuba to allah and decide to not do it again .inshallah forgive him...

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