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Salam alikum! If we want to recite a dua that we have not memorized , is it ok to read the dua from a paper or mobile screen? Will Allah accept our dua in this case?

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yes sure you can and it will be accepted insha allah, it's your intention and sincerity that matters the most to Allah swt. in case if you are talking about Dua of Istikhara then you don't need to look in a book or mobile to recite it during the salah, you can finish the nafl salah and recite it from a sheet of paper or mobile etc after the salah it is perfectly fine but normally it takes time to get answers ( in whichever form allah swt gives it you) so it's recommended that you memorize it and recite it at the end of tashaddud but both ways are fine in case you are having diffulty to memorize it for now.

I hope it helped and pray that Allah swt makes it easier for you to memorize surahs/duas and guide you in every decision.wish you well and happy learning sister, Assalam Alaykum.

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Thank you brother, wish u the same Allah bless u

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