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Its been 2 years since i started feeling different I have depression anxiety and terrible dreams i have tried everything to feel better and nothing helps. Sometimes i feel like i have shaytan around me and i dont know how to get it away last night i woke up full of fear and i could feel that something evil is around me. Plz help me I dont know what else to do. Do you think someone Might have done this on purpuse To make me feel this way?

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the prophet said if you have a bad dream it is from shaytan and you should immediatly get up spit to your left three times perform wudu and pray two rakat sunnah the devil probably keeps giving you nighmares because you havent done this to repel him yet

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Thank you very much for your answer. I have had these nightmares since I was a child, when I was about six I started getting them and at first everyone thought that it was PTSD from the war in Bosnia during 92 but a couple years later my mother woke up and found me unresponsive with my eyes rolled in the back of my head Foam comming out of my mouth and me not waking up. She prayed with one of the older muslim woman that she knew while she was holding me in her arms. When I woke up I didnt know what has happend and I didnt remember anything except having a dream that there was a snake in my bed and that I could still feel it in my hand. This has been bothering mey whole life and I am very affraid of it. I will follow ur advice and thank you again. I just want to feel normal again.

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Salaam sister, I understand what PTSD is because I myself suffer from it. I will pray dua for you, allaah is most mercifull and will guide you if you pray dua. I just wanted you to know that your not alone. May Allaah guide us both ameeen. Salaam from your sister in Islam.

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yes the best help comes from Allah swt indeed I have never lived in or near an embattled country but I feel so sorry for you who have had to experience this my sympathy goes out to all of you and your family as I cannot fully comprehend your suffering.Try to maintain your wudu as much night and day but especially at nights whenever you awake remember Allah instantly this comes with practice make it your intention before you go to bed and try to include tahajud in your prayers for Allah swt waits on you at this time Salam.

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In your case you need to see a Imam to do Ruqya for you because what your experiencing is a Jinn and he or she may have possessed you and if you are a girl then it could be a male Jinn because they do fall in love with the humans in some cases and if your a male it could be a female Jinny and this is the reason why you are feeling as if you had the snake in your bed next you and you still feel it.

Let me describe to you how you are feeling and that is, you feel extremely afraid when your alone and specially when it gets dark at Maqrib time and you can't sleep well early except late at night or at Fajr time and your always thinking that there is someone behind you and your always afraid to use the toilet specially at night time and when your in Salah you feel afraid as if someone is on your left side or behind and your always afraid to be in the house alone and you dislike it and this leads you to have stress and you don't happy no matter how much you pray your always thinking and afraid of it and you hate the night to come and you think your going mad.

If this is how you feel let me firstly congratulate you that you are truly a Muslim and that none other then a believer feels this way and that is the Shaitan is attacking him or her for their goodness in Islam and believing Allah alone as their Lord and Allah tests those who He loves and lets the enemy to test him just like Prophet Ayoub [saw] whom the Devil inflicted him with as Allah says, [And remember Our servant Job, when he called to his Lord, "Indeed, Satan has touched me with hardship and torment] [38 v41] also, [So he was told], "Strike [the ground] with your foot; this is a [spring for] a cool bath and drink] [38 v42] in these verses we can understand that Shaitan can attack and can cause harm to the body but he can not do anything without the permission off Allah and can also enter the body in order to cause harm to that person and that is because he can not harm any body if he is not inside the body and the only time he can harm is when he has access to the body to control the nerves or viands or if when sleeps with out asking the protection off Allah he can intervene your soul as well as your body and that is why we get these nightmares, and also the verse tells us the only way to get cure is through asking Allah and using the means we have to get cured.

So what you need to do is see a shaikh to do Ruqya for you and in the mien time follow these steps and you will feel differently 1, recite Fatiha 7times 2, recite 4 verses of Baqra and Ayatul Kursi and the last verses of Al-Baqra 3, Sura 112, Sura 113 and Sura 114. repeat this as much as you can daily and when you finish reciting them bellow it on your both hands and rub it all over your body as much as you can and also say La'illaha Illallah all the time and before you sleep do the same thing and when you finish reciting it bellow it on your hands and rub it all over your body. If you follow these steps Allah will give you victory over His enemy and your enemy. Allah knows best.

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Please brother can you help me? Can you contact me on my personal e mail Plz help me I am loosing myself and everything around me. I am affraid of my future

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Yes I will contact you Insha'Allah

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@caabi What you have described is like you see my life. I am afraid of the dark and i turn on all the lights in the house when i am alone. Sometimes i dont sleep a whole night but most of the time a go to sleep around 3am or 4am. I have become so depressed that i cry every day sometime i feel a pressure on my chest as if someone is sutting on it. I have tried so many things to be back to normal and in the last 4 years my life has only gotten worse i have had a car accident every year. I lost most my friends and almost my family nobody seems to understand why i am the way i am. And some people say i do it on purpus but why on earth would anypne want to live with fear and sadness every day of theyre life

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The only problem is where I live there is not a lot of immam and i dont really know where i can go around here. @muslimahUK thank you sister! Its good to know that there are people that understand and not judge the way i feel. I hope and pray That both you and I will feel better soon. And stay on the right path Inshallah

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masha-Allah from what i see, u hav found courage and encouragement, ibadah is never to much and prayer solve all problem. may Allah guide and protect the both of u in dis world and the next amin.

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Thank you all so much for your replies and staying beside me in this hard time of my life. I have lost a lot of friends due to my sadness And anxiety. But Inshallah my brothers and sisters in Islam are still with me. Thank u again for all of your help. I wish all the unbelievers can see how beautiful it is to have so many brothers/ sisters That care for you without benefit to them, but only for the love of allah.

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yes dear brother this is a great news that islam reunites us all. you can approach me anytime brother for further help. we help each other because we fear allah and we do this just to make him please and who knows allah likes our which behaviour and will put us from hell to jannat. i really appreciate you brother and would like to hear from you. jazakallah wa khairan. may Allah protect us all from all the evil of this world and the hereafter. inshaallah.

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@aalya thank you for your kind words. We are all brothers and sisters in islam. I feel much better knowing i have so many people From so many sides of the world that care about my well being. What can be more beautiful than muslims helping each other in hard times,? I am trying very hard to get back to who i was and you all have been a great help.

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I hope the Cd had helped you and the steps I told you to do Insha'Allah.

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