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Its been 2 years since i started feeling different I have depression anxiety and terrible dreams i have tried everything to feel better and nothing helps. Sometimes i feel like i have shaytan around me and i dont know how to get it away last night i woke up full of fear and i could feel that something evil is around me. Plz help me I dont know what else to do. Do you think someone Might have done this on purpuse To make me feel this way?

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It has helped me a lot. I sleep much better, i still have a fear inside and still can not go out of my house at night. I still feel like there is something wrong, sometimes it feels like i do things i dont want to do. I want to stop but when i do something makes me think about it always until i do it again.

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It will take time you have to keep repeating and listening and if you still need help email me Insha'Allah and we can take the right steps for you to follow.

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Thank you so much! I emailed you and I am looking forward to hearing from u inshallah

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