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what are the rules regarding accepting a non-muslim ruler. or rather voting for a non-muslim ruler. this is with the regard that the non-muslim ruler has the qualifications and visions to help both the muslim and non-muslim community. this is evidently something the muslim counterpart would not be able to do due to corruptive ways of recent times. i have been told that in an election even if the muslim person is worse than the non-muslim, it is mandatory to vote for him. please enlighten me on this. this is also in a state where muslims and non-muslims co-exist.

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You may read the views of different Islamic Scholars here:

But do know that you should use your reasoning i.e. where the direction is common and more strong in these analogies.

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Al hamdulilah abdul wasay all of the shaykhs gave the haqq from diffrent veiwpoints. I agree with all of them for it is our duty to spread Islam and not be mischeif maker, also to abide by the laws of the land when we don't live in a Islamic country. We are change things with our tongues, limbs, and the least of faith is to hate the wrong in our hearts.salaam

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