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which rakats are optional? as in which rakats are mandatory and which ones are optional

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fard rakahs are the obligatory ones which you have to compulsorily perform unless you have an excuse and in sunnat rakah there comes two groups SUNNATUL MAUQIDA- which means you will get sin for not offering this.and another is SUNNAT in which you will get no sin for not offering it.nafil namaz and sunnat namaz and tahajjud is optional but is most liked by allah.i will write down the rakahs which are obligatory ones. fajr-2 sunnah and 2 fard dhuhr- 4 sunnah and 4 fard asr- 4 fard magrib - 3 fard isha - 4 fard and 2 sunnah 3 rakah witr but it will be good for you to give your ten minutes more from your 24 hour routine and offer the whole namaz(even the optional ones).

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1- when u r traveller, u can pray salat dhuhr, asr and isha completly 2- in witr salat u can pray 1 or 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 rakat 3- salat sunnah (nafl) is optional 4- salat dhuha u can pray it 2, 4, 6. 8 rakat..... I hope that helps ^^.

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fajr- 2 sunnah then two fard

dhuhr- 4 sunnah or 2 sunnah 4 fard then 4 sunnah or 2 sunnah (whichever you want)

asr- 2 sunnah 4 fard

maghrib- 2 sunnah 3 fard 2 sunnah

i'sha- 2 sunnah 4 fard 2 sunnah 1 witr then 2 witr

and there is always qiyam al layl- or naffilat al layl and salat al duha the reason why there is 2 sunnah before every prayer is because the prophet prayed two sunnah right when he entered the mosque but the main sunnah prayers are 2 in fajr 2 before and after dhuhr and 2 before maghrib and two after i'sha

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