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Ramadan is coming in a couple of weeks In Shaa Allah. Apart from praying, reading the Quran and doing Tasbeeh, what are things could I do during this Month in order to gain as many deeds as possible and become closer to Allah SWT?


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The Messenger of Allah (saw) addressed his companions on the last day of Sha`ban, saying, "Oh people! A great month has come over you; a blessed month; a month in which is a night better than a thousand months; month in which Allah has made it compulsory upon you to fast by day, and voluntary to pray by night. Whoever draws nearer (to Allah) by performing any of the (optional) good deeds in (this month) shall receive the same reward as performing an obligatory deed at any other time, and whoever discharges an obligatory deed in (this month) shall receive the reward of performing seventy obligations at any other time. It is the month of patience, and the reward of patience is Heaven. It is the month of charity, and a month in which a believer's sustenance is increased. Whoever gives food to a fasting person to break his fast, shall have his sins forgiven, and he will be saved from the Fire of Hell, and he shall have the same reward as the fasting person, without his reward being diminished at all." [Narrated by Ibn Khuzaymah]

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JazakAllah Khayr, just one question about "giving food to a fasting person to break his fast". Does this involve family members and relatives, so helping your mother prepare the food and feeding family members or just the poor?

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It could mean that.

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Ok, JazakAllah Khayr

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you get more deeds the more you do tasbeeh and if you are female wear hijab. in fact praying tasbeeh and reading quran at same time is multitasking and will get you more points (especially if you are mthjbe). but be good to poor and bring peace to all. live good life, be happy. fast and be thankful for allah has given you particularly the hijab to keep women from tempting you. have a good ramandan friend. may allah be wit you

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JazakAllah Khayr for the advice sister:)

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