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HI,I'm a Jewish convert to Islam but my whole family is still jewish. My grandma was a holocaust survivor and recently passed away (may God have mercy on her). She was one of the best people I knew. She prayed to the only God, followed the 10 Commandments, basically a very good Jew. She never heard of Islam, or what Islam is. She never heard about Muhammad and his messege. My question is, will she go to hell even though she didnt hear the messege? And can I still pray for her like I do now? Thanks

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I'm sorry about your grandmother's death sister but how come she never heard of Islam ? you reverted( we come back to Islam by embracing it because we all are born Muslims, for this reason revert is the correct word for it) after she passed away or you just didn't told her about it ?

anyway as for your question, if she truly never heard about Islam and nobody ever gave her the message then Allah swt will test her on the day of judgment and if she obeys him then she will enter heaven(I pray she does) but if she doesn't then you already know what will happen to her, may Allah swt protect us all from the fire of hell.

for more information on this please refer this website

and watch this video

I'm really glad for you and I pray Allah swt makes it easier for you and your family to learn and embrace Islam and lead righteous and praiseworthy lives. please feel free to ask all the questions you have, we're here for you. wish you well, As'salam Alaykum.

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I only told my mother about my conversion. Thanks for your answer!

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you're very welcome, I think you did the right thing by not telling everyone for the time being. insha Allah everything will work out for the best for you and your family, good day/night.

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Salamu Alaikun sister. congratulations for converting to islam. if your tata was a good person and didn't make allah angry and you loved her i'm sure she will have a place in paradise with allah. i think if you are mthjbe (l7mdllah) it will also help allah show more mercy.

Jews and christians are like brothers and sisters to islam, just other muslims are more brothers and sisters. congratulations again on converting to islam, allah and i are very happy for you.

wish the best for you sister

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Thank you! :)

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