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I like my mom's cousin brother and i believe that he is my non mahram. We both like each other and want to get married in future. But our parents does not agree because they think that we are mahram and mahram are not allowed to get married to each other. I tried explaining my parents but they still say that it's not allowed in islam and it's not even accepted in our society. What should we do now? Please help us.

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Al-Tirmidhi Hadith 3090 Narrated by Abu Hurayrah Allah's Messenger (saws) said, 'When someone with whose religion and character you are satisfied asks your daughter in marriage, accede to his request. If you do not do so, there will be temptation on earth and extensive corruption.'(this was for ur parents). According to my knowledge ur mothers cousin is non mahram to u. u can marry him. consult a more learned person i may be wrong.

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