playing or watching football accepted in islam

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football is a very tiring game. playing football and after that coming home tired and while offering namaz being tedious is absolutely wrong. many sheikhs say that even playing indoor games such as chess is not permissable as a lot of time is wasted in this instead if you say subhanallah properly once with makhraj will make you more fesh and your heart relaxed. belief me my friend try it once... and by the way we have not come in the world for doing timepass and enjoyment. we have come here to get assessed by allah for what we do in this world. so sow the seeds in this world and enjoy the ripened fruits in the hereafter inshallah.:) so from my side there is a total no no for football now its up to you.

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if you fulfill all that you need to do like praying and fasting its perfectly acceptable however if you choose to go play a game instead of praying and you miss a salat thats when it becomes haram many sheikhs say everything is allowed in islam unless stated otherwise so if you just go play or wath a football game abstain from all the beer they give out and looking at the cheerleaders at the game and prayer time comes and you pray then it is acceptable

i know what i said above is what others say when they try to argue ciggaretes are halal but we arent supposed to ruin our bodies so just putting that out there......

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According to what i have been hearing from many scholers that allah migthy said'' wamahalakal jinni wal insi illaliya abudun''

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