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assalaam walekum. how can i marry a girl to whom i love . how can i make allah to make my wish come true satisfactory and happily . .

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Allah is the All Powerful All-Creator of the Universe. You don't "make allah to make my wish come true", you pray to Him for guidance and help. Anything else is either misguided or arrogant, probably both. As mentioned in Surat Al-Baqarah (2:216):

...But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not. Before any major decision, the prophet prescribed Salat al-Istikhara to his followers, which is a supplementary prayer asking for guidance. The prayer itself is performed as a normal two rak'ah prayer, after which you state the action you are hoping to take (i.e., proposing marriage) and recite the following du'a: O Allah! I ask guidance from Your knowledge, and power from Your Might and I ask for Your great blessings. You are capable and I am not. You know and I do not and You know the unseen. O Allah! If You know that this action is good for my religion and my subsistence and in my Hereafter then ordain it for me and make it easy for me to get, and bless me in it. If You know that this action is harmful to me in my religion and subsistence and in the Hereafter, keep it away from me and let me be away from it. And ordain for me whatever is good for me, And make me satisfied with it. (see Sahih Bukhari 2:21:263) If you are still in doubt as to what course of action to take, or whether or not to go forward with your decision, the prayer may be repeated; many scholars claim it should be repeated no more than seven times, all on separate days, but I know of no scriptural evidence to back this up so cannot vouch for it's authenticity. The important aspect is that you are truly submitting yourself to Allah's decision in this matter, rather than just waiting for and expecting Him to give you what you want.

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yes a s goldpseudo said above you cant make allah make the girl marry you, you can ask allah to allow you to marry her and i would just like to point out that if you dont listen to what allah asks of you its most likely that allah wont listen to what you ask of him so i suggest you be thankful and pray and sincerily ask for what you want and insha-allah it will come true

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thnx alot. .
inshallah i vl get her. . nd i do pray scincerly alhamdolillah . just waiting for d ryt tym. nd ameen summa ameen . it will come. .

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pray boy pray for whatever you want from allah and surely he is the only one who is going to give you whatever you want. but first of all pray for your day of resurrection as prophet mohammad(S.A.W)(pbuh)said: he dipped his finger in the ocean and removed his hand from the water then prophet mohammad(s.a.w) said "the water which is left over on my finger which is only a drop or even less than that is the life of the world and the whole ocean is the world just for a drop of water dont ruin your ocean. whats behind that girl that you are anxious so much?? again reminding you about the drop of water.

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there is nothing behind. she also wants the same. but we have some obstacles in between . so i pray to ALLAH that he remove the obstacles and let us be together. coz ALLAH has power over all things. he is the only ONE THAT IS likely to be worshipped. the supereme. the mightiest. .ya i know this life is nothing, the main is of hereafter. and INSHALLAH we all will be in JANNAT-UL-FIRDAUS next to our beloved. .MUHAMMAD(SALLALLAHO ALEHE WASALLAM) AMEEN SUMMA AMEEN this is my prayer for all the muslims from ADAM ALEHE SALAAM to the last muslim till the day of resurrection. . JAZAKALLAH

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mashallah you have very great thoughts about other muslims, brother.inshallah i will dua for you.and if you want your dua to be fulfilled then literally cry in your duas and especially make dua after fard namaz and tahajjud namaz inshallah you will get what you want brother. Allah loves when people cry while making the dua . keep your intentions clean while asking anything from him.have 50% pssitive attitude that allah will give you what you want and 50% fear of allah while asking allah anything.

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assalaam walekum sister do pray for me

(Apr 21 '12 at 14:11) muhammad zaryab muhammad%20zaryab's gravatar image

@muhammad zaryab walaekummasalam wa rehmatullahi wabarkatuh inshallah i surely will and even you remember me in your duas brother

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I would like to share a supplication/Dua/wazifa for love marriage hope it can solve your problem and you get married to girl you like

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